YMMV / Nuttylamb

  • Accidental Innuendo:
    Nuttylamb: I don't think we can access that bush... Wow. Please don't ever take that out of context.
  • Squick: She likens the penultimate torso boss of Tomb Raider: Anniversary to... a big testicle. Gets even worse when she goes too near the thing at one point and gets swallowed and trapped inside his 'sack', forcing her to shoot it from the inside so that Lara gets spewn out.
  • That One Puzzle: The pillar-twisting puzzle at the beginning of the third level of Egypt in her playthrough of Tomb Raider: Anniversary. It takes her upwards of ten minutes to solve, and only does so by complete accident, after a lot of confused spinning and turning.
  • That One Level: The Natla's Mines level, particularly the bit where she had to collect the three fuses, from Tomb Raider: Anniversary has become this for Nutty. Often, when faced with particularly difficult segments in games, she'll state it's "still not as bad as Natla's Mines".