YMMV / Nostalgia

  • Cliché Storm: But a good one.
  • Demonic Spiders: Pretty much all of the random airship battles except the first handful fall into this category, as they're Goddamn Bats when you're fully kitted-out with the best equipment you can get for that point in the plot, and if you've just started out in that specific area? Expect quite a few surprise Game Overs. It doesn't help that the later-game ones also have more HP than many of the game's bosses...
    • A common enemy in Mt. Ararat is the "Fair Carrot". This name is pretty clearly ironic, as it likes to use unblockable instant death spells. And prefers to target the only member of your party with a resurrection skill. And always attacks in groups. Mt. Ararat is far enough into the game that revive items are merely overpriced rather than impossibly expensive, but most first-time players likely won't be bringing more than five of them into the dungeon.
  • Game-Breaker: Eddie's Overdrive and Combo Attack skills are gained near the very beginning, and can annihilate bosses in just a few rounds even quite a ways into the game. By the time it stops being as effective on bosses, you've gained your plot-unlocked ultimate attacks.