YMMV / Noises Off

  • Broken Base: The film version, when it came out, received epically low review scores — probably because the film, no matter if they DID add a happy ending, doesn't really have a narrative structure. However, some would claim that if you can get past that, it's hysterical.
    • Also, in changing the setting from Britain to America, the film alters a key premise. In the play, the troupe is touring provincial British towns (i.e. Weston-super-Mare) with their production; in the film, the troupe is moving the play toward Broadway and the story is framed as flashbacks.
  • Fridge Brilliance: In the play, Selsdon makes an early entrance and is told by Lloyd that he isn't on for another 20 pages. This happens on page 29 in the script and Selsdon's next entrance is on page 49.
  • The Woobie:
    • Poor Tim. He hasn't gotten to sleep in two days!
    • Frederick's wife left him shortly before the show opens, leaving him an emotional wreck. Despite that, he keeps trying to solve everyone's problems and keeps screwing up horribly.
    • Poppy gets nothing but abuse from Lloyd and is carrying his child.