YMMV: Noises Off

  • Broken Base: The film version, when it came out, received epically low review scores - probably because the film, no matter if they DID add a happy ending, doesn't really have a narrative structure. However, some would claim that if you can get past that, it's hysterical.
  • Hilarity Ensues: The entire point of Noises Off is to depict what might result when everything that could go wrong does: A director who is in over his head, actors who are clearly incompetent or ill-suited to being cast in a major theatric production and a stage manager who desperately needs sleep. In the real world, given that the play is clearly nowhere close to being ready to present to the audience, a competent director would postpone opening night. If any play actually did open with everything as ill-ready as it was, the play might not make it past opening night maybe not even through opening night. Additionally, the director (Lloyd Dallas, whose abilities as a director leave much to be desired despite him fancying himself as the greatest) would likely be blacklisted and might also face legal trouble for his overworking of stage manager Timothy Allgood, particularly if he were to suffer health issues due to being denied the chance to sleep.
  • The Woobie: Poor Tim. He hasn't gotten to sleep in two days!