YMMV: No Chance For Fate

YMMV in No Chance for Fate:

  • Angst? What Angst?: Averted. Characters react far more naturally and are scared or down when appropriate,but there's no excessive angsting around.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The canon does contain many things that were this but were played for laughs. Taking away this coat of humor reveals how truely fear-inspiring some aspects of both canons are.
    • The actions of the Dark Kingdom no longer come across as the camp they were in canon. Some of their forced transformations of people are also turning into Body Horror.
    • It's hinted Happosai is much worse than he'd ever been in canon. Considering he was almost entirely played for comedy in canon, readers should prepare for the worst.
  • Win BACK The Crowd: Years of stale by-the-formula stories have left the Fuku Fic a dead field. Judging by the reviews, many see this as a breath of fresh air in this kind of crossover.