YMMV / No Bra

  • Base-Breaking Character: Kaoru being a tall, beautiful, buxom, Academic Athlete with feelings for Masato was enough to give her a fanbase, but other readers disliked her inclusion because she's too standard and safe a romantic option compared to Yuki.
  • Epileptic Trees: The idea that Yuki might actually really be female, and her mother was just mistaken or having a joke at Masato's expense or so on... basically, a lot of explanations for Yuki possibly actually being a girl. This is despite the fact that the manga has gone so far as to have Masato see Yuki naked and sitting in his lap at one point, and he still thinks Yuki's a guy.
  • Fan Wank: Some of the theories about Yuki "really" being physiologically female can reach these levels. The manga was even encouraging some of the early fanwank, since even Masato wasn't sure Yuki was really physiologically a male, and a couple of times tried to catch Yuki changing to verify it (although he either chickened out or was thwarted).
  • The Scrappy: Masato, due to the way he treats Yuki and Kaoru.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: There's no question about Yuki's physiological sex—Yuki is most definitely male-bodied—but is Yuki an Mt F transgender girl, or a Camp Gay boy who likes crossdressing?