YMMV / Nightwatch (Literature)

YMMV page for the Literature series Night Watch.

  • Badass Decay: The Tiger Justified in Sixth Watch: He has become a separate entity from Twilight.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Zabulon and Gesar. They manipulate all events in first two books to create an Absolute Other as a weapon against Twilight while seemingly working against each other.
    • Kostya in Twilight Watch, who gets his hands on Fuaran and upgrades himself to Absolute level, destroys Vitezslav, and all but achieves his dream of making all human Others. Anton outgambits him only by withholding crucial information about Others.
    • Arina in New Watch, who effortlessly manipulate Anton and Nadya into learning the prophesy of Twilight's death (though she was outgambitted by Anton in the end) is no slouch either. Being Affably Evil Friendly Enemy and the head witch does help.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Both Edgar and Gennadiy Saushkin arguably crossed this in Last Watch, when the former threatened Anton's family and Moscow with a nuclear weapon to convince him to help them find the Crown of All; his casual usage of people as pawns also bears mention. Gennadiy arguably did this when he killed and drank blood from 52 men and women in order to become a Grand vampire and have revenge on Anton, after deaths of his son and suicide of his wife.