YMMV / Nightfall

For the story by Isaac Asimov:

  • Fridge Logic: The characters' total unfamiliarity with darkness, even on a world without night, seems a bit overstated: don't they have thunderclouds on their planet? Caves? Mining? Fortresses, that'd need to be built without windows? You'd think that lamps would have been invented for these purposes, if no other.
    • It's stated that they do have these things and people that experience it, like the archaeologist, are uncomfortable with darkness but stand up fairly well. The main characters likewise being prepared and knowing the exact length the darkness will last (9-14 hours depending on latitude) do MUCH better than the general population. There's a big difference between experiencing a couple of minutes or hours of darkness knowing exactly when it will end and where to go to find light and being plunged into darkness unexpectedly and without knowing how long it will last. Not to mention that one effect often ignored is the presence of STARS which suddenly makes people contemplate their true insignificance in the universe. Spend five minutes thinking about how small WE really are, now imagine you've NEVER contemplated that before and you have NO KNOWLEDGE of a universe beyond the solar system and are suddenly seeing MILLIONS of stars.
    • There is one scene that takes place during a rain storm. One character finds it dreary and depressing. The other character, who is still traumatized from experiencing darkness for 15 minutes, has to fight off a panic attack. Also, everyone keeps nightlights called "god lights" in their homes for when they have to sleep and such.
    • From the novel: they have electric lighting, but the power grid is utterly incapable of powering every single light being turned on at once.
  • Genius Bonus: The plot is extremely similar to that of Lord Byron's poem Darkness, to the point where it seems unlikely to be a coincidence. The difference being, of course, that the poem the darkness doesn't go away, and everyone dies.

For the fancomic Nightfall:

  • Counterpart Comparison: Downplayed: the Shinobi empire is compared to the Fire Nation. There's a Prince maimed and banished by his father who seeks to regain his honor with the help of a Parental Substitute. All the while his Ax-Crazy sister (who believes that the right to rule is something one's born with) plots his downfall to increase her standing in her fathers eyes. Most of this was coincidental as the author was not familiar with the story.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: A Poll Taken reveals the most popular minor characters to be Truckdog/Cristyle and Don Elephante.
  • Fridge Horror: Cristyle can only shapeshift into those whose blood she's come into contact with, which raises questions about the little girl she took the form of, as well as Jade's new dog.
    • Made even more worrying in this panel, where said girl is on a Missing Poster.
  • Ho Yay: Rose's Wizardfic is based off of Evangelion, with Baptist and Claudius replacing Shinji and Kaworu, the subtext is still there. Baptist even describes Claudius as beautiful and charismatic.
    "He always weirded you out with his strange obsession with TORCHLIGHT CEREMONIAL YAOI FESTIVALS though, you had to turn down his invitation to join the lost boys when he invited you to be the HONORABLE UKE. Whatever that means."
    " DONE AND MURDERED UP MY OLD BEST BRO saw his corpse myself with those perfectly pursed lips running down with shitblood
  • Jerkass Woobie: Vriska, even more so than in canon.
    • Big time with Hades. He was disowned and branded a traitor by his father, and is constantly insulted for being weak and incompetent. Sylja and Rose (and to a lesser extent Terlock) and pretty much the only people who don't treat him like complete garbage. He may be one of the main villains, but it's hard not to feel sorry for him.
  • Les Yay: Kanaya and Rose are still close after the ordeal. When John has troubles with understanding Troll romance, Jade and John question what the relationship between the two is.