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YMMV: Nightbreed
  • Anvilicious: Humans have a shocking capacity for hatred, and that is a Bad Thing. This is one of those Aesops that's perennially relevant...
  • Complete Monster: The human Dr. Philip Decker is far more evil than any of the actual monsters in the film. He masquerades as a renowned psychologist but is actually a masked, bayonet-wielding Serial Killer who butchers entire families along with their children, women he comes across, and anyone else he can get his hands on. He sees himself as a Grim Reaper and has given himself the mission to stop 'breeders' from spreading their "filth" generation after generation. Captain Eigerman's comments towards Aaron Boone suggest that Decker is a cannibal as well. After his psychiatric patient Aaron tells Decker his dreams of the Nightbreed civilization he frames Aaron for his crimes and gets Aaron killed by the police. When he learns of Aaron's resurrection and the existence of the Tribes of the Moon, he tries to exterminate the entire civilization of Dark Is Not Evil magical creatures as the ultimate extension of his mission to cleanse the world. A depraved and hypocritical Knight Templar with an utter contempt for humans and Nightbreed alike, he earns the fear and disgust of everyone who's unlucky enough to see his true face.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Near the end a female Midianite, sort of a porcupine woman, impales with her quills a soldier named Kenny. Also, some of the Midianites look like the sewer mutants from Futurama.
  • Ho Yay: Peloquin's... hunger for Boone carries a metric ton of Does This Remind You of Anything?.
    • Leroy Gomm and Lude are...rather close.
    • Also, Narcisse complimenting Ohnaka's tattoos and touching his chest (much to Ohnaka's dismay)
  • Uncanny Valley: Oddly enough, the more human-looking Midians (ie. the guy with the crescent-shaped head) are much creepier than the ones who look just plain demonic.

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