YMMV: Night Shift

  • Nausea Fuel: In "Gray Matter", we have the charming tale of a man who is transformed into a fungoid blob caused by a bit of gray slimy guck-infesting one of his nightly cans of beer. Later, we hear his son's story of seeing what's become of his father eating the bloated, putrefying, maggot-ridden corpse of a cat.
    • In "The Lawnmower Man", the title character's self-driving machine runs over a mole (an analogue of an earlier scene where the same thing happens to a cat, albeit with a different mower). The man, following close behind, eats the body of the mole just as he has been eating the expelled grass clippings.
    • "The Mangler" — imagining a person crushed and folded by an industrial laundry's steam ironer (and having their remains taken out in a basket) is enough to make someone ill.
  • Squick: Several of the stories, but especially "The Lawnmower Man". Much of "Gray Matter" is pretty squicky, too, but particularly the maggot-infested dead cat Richie pulls out of the wall and eats.
  • Tear Jerker: "The Last Rung on the Ladder", and "The Woman in the Room".
  • The Woobie : Quite a few, but special mention to Richie's son, Timmy in "Gray Matter." He lives alone with his father who's slowly turning into a Blob Monster. After a while, he cannot bear any light and only consumes beer that he demands to be heated.
    Can you feature that? The kid all by himself in that apartment with his dad turning into, well, into something... an' heating his beer and then having to listen to him - it - drinking it with awful thick slurping sounds, the way an old man eats his chowder: can you imagine it?