YMMV / Night of the Owls

  • Moment of Awesome: There's plenty throughout, but a standout was this line:
    Batman: Get the hell out of my house!
  • Nightmare Fuel: A lot.
    • The origin of the Talons.
    • The Talons as a whole. Elite assassins and Implacable Men who can take even Batman by surprise? Sweet dreams!
      • The scene in which the seemingly-dead Talon returns to life while being transported in the ambulance and kills the two unlucky paramedics driving it. Just imagine it from their perspective, powerless to do anything.
      • Similarly, when the Court decides to take over Gotham, they send all their Talons to kill the town's higher-ups. There are a few pages from their perspetive, while a Talon says to them that the Court of Owls has sentenced them to death... before going for the killing blow. Sucks to be Innocent Bystanders in Gotham...
    • This recreation of an iconic scene from The Wizard of Oz.
    • Batman seemingly becoming something utterly monstrous and grotesque as he gets a second wind in the Court's maze. And before that, the appearance of the Court of Owls, which he hallucinates as half-man, half-bird people. Especially that little girl who insists that he must suffer more before being killed.
    • The fates of the likes of Alan Wayne and Jarvis Pennyworth, both tormented to their deaths by the Court and their Talon.
      • The method used by the Court to kill their major opponents is quite chilling. They lock them up in a maze, slowly driving them insane, before killing them.
  • Paranoia Fuel: The nursery rhyme brings it up quite a bit. And the idea that a group knows more about Gotham than even Batman is quite a chilling idea. Even Batman is shaken by the thought.