YMMV / Nightfire

  • Best Level Ever: Every level where you are on foot shooting is very well done, but The Exchange, Night Shift, and Phoenix Fire are the most memorable.
  • Demonic Spiders: The snipers in Chain Reaction. They can take you down from full health and armor in about 4 hits, often have Improbable Aiming Skills (hitting you from across the level while blindfiring from cover for instance), and are very difficult to find and kill without memorizing the level or using the upgraded camera. When climbing across wires, be sure there are none of these guys around.
  • Game Breaker:
    • Getting two of the three pistol upgrades in single player replaces your Wolfram PP7 with the Wolfram P2K. It has a larger clip size than its predecessor, the PP7, comes with a laser sight, and it uses more readily available 9mm rounds, which will make life a lot easier, especially on harder difficulties.
      • Even better, getting the third and final pistol upgrade will turn it into a golden version, that doubles its damage output.
    • The AT-420 Sentinel. Remote-controlled rockets. Need we really say more?
    • The AIMS-20 is a two-in-one assault rifle and grenade launcher with an infrared scope. If you pick this up in multiplayer, you're pretty much all set. Sadly, it only appears once in single player, in the penultimate level.
    • Probably not quite as game-breaking as the two P2K variants but easily capable of giving them a run for their money, is the Deutsche M9K. Imagine the P2K's damage output, but as a three round burst with high accuracy, and you have this underrated SMG. Sadly, it only appears in two single player levels, one of which also gives you access to the stronger AIMS-20.
  • Gameplay Derailment: Having trouble with the Ninjas in Countdown? Just lay a lot of remote mines or tripmines in the center of the room ahead of the safety bunker.
    • A more conventional example is the task of getting the 007 tokens, some of which force Bond to go to insanely precarious areas.
  • Good Bad Bugs / Non-Lethal K.O.: In Night Shift, one can permanently remove a guard from the level with a simple punch. No penalties.
    • In Multiplayer's Ski Lodge map bots will occasionally climb the sheer cliff face by running at the walls.
  • Porting Disaster: The PC version of the game is nowhere near as smooth and refined as the console versions; there are no driving stages (though somtimes it's debatable whether that's a bad thing), stealth is harder, there's a lot of Fake Difficulty, multiplayer's not as fun, the soundtrack isn't as smooth, and no unlockables. At least the levels themselves are bigger.
  • Scrappy Weapon: The Storm M32, despite having the largest clip of any weapon in the game, is weak and extremely inaccurate, even at close range, and has subsequently often been compared to the Klobb from GoldenEye.
  • Tear Jerker: Bond's response to McCall's query on his silence after Dominique's death.
    Bond: Sorry, it's been a difficult evening, Miss McCall. I lost a friend.
  • That One Level: Deep Descent. One-Hit Kill mines. Mondo headache as you get sent back to square one if you mess up.
    • The mines are easy enough to avoid if you just gun it straight through with only slight variations in pitch. The submarine at the end, on the other hand, is a doozy.
      • Easy fix: Be extra-careful with your remote torpedoes throughout, and at the end, stay at a safe distance and wale on the submarine with them. CAUTION: DO ABSOLUTELY NOT SET THE MINES FIRST. If you set the mines, you will go into "timed escape" mode.
    • Island Infiltration isn't a cakewalk either no matter what; enemies are armed to the teeth with enough weapons to tear your armor to pieces in seconds. That's not even getting into the rail shooter sections where you only have one set of armor and that's it.
    • Then there's Equinox, the game's final level. The entire stage is a Timed Mission that has you in outer space disabling eight nuclear missiles aimed at major cities on Earth. Doing so requires you to use the Phoenix Samurai laser rifle to shoot at tiny areas that are very hard to hit unless you're right next to them. The timeframe between a missile exposing its weak point and it launching is very unforgiving if you try to move right next to it - you better hope you're a good sniper if you want any chance of disarming it in time. The controls don't make it any easier. It also doesn't help that near the end, three missiles will activate at once, giving you even less room for error. Did we mention that you have Drake's astronauts and the station's main laser all pounding you for heavy damage while you're doing this? And even once you do take care of all the missiles and Drake's men, you're not out of the water yet - Drake himself will attack you at the end, and his rockets are hard to dodge and can easily finish you off from all the damage you've more than likely taken. You're only given one set of armor for this level, by the way, which likely won't last you very long at all. Good luck.