YMMV: Nick Clegg

  • Ensemble Darkhorse - Was pretty obscure until the televised debates.
  • Growing the Beard - The Times backed the Lib Dems in the Oldham East and Saddleworth by-election for this reason, claiming they'd gone from protest vote to legitimate party of government despite knowing that doing so would be immensely unpopular no matter what they did.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships - There's plenty of Real Person Slash about him getting coalesced by David Cameron, Gordon Brown, and just about every other major British political figure out there.
    • The Guardian credited the Internet with the word "Clameron", the Portmanteau Couple Name for Clegg/Cameron. Given the kinds of sites they'd have to be visiting to find people using that term in the first place, it seems the Guardian is staffed by fangirls and -boys.

  • Ho Yay - Pretty much everything he's done politically since the 2010 election that resulted in a hung Parliament comes off this way to the media. It's only gotten worse ever since he formed a coalition with Conservative leader David Cameron, with comparisons to them being a newly married couple all over the newspapers for days on end.
    • They're still there.
    • Louis Theroux was his fag in school, and said he would wake Clegg up 'by sort of bending him over'.
    • The Guardian is especially guilty of this, to the point of writing actual Real Person Slash of the two together. Apparently the press is run by slash fiends.
    • David Davis described the coalition deal as a "Brokeback Coalition".
    • Even the BBC, the largest broadcaster in the world, sustained the idea: in a political review of 2010 more than half a year after the fact, they describe it as a political love affair thusly: '... in the Downing Street rose garden the sun shone, the birds even sang, and the world watched as the beautiful friendship between Nick and Dave began'. All complete with soft focus and twinkly romantic music.
  • Memetic Mutation - "I agree with Nick." Also, the aforementioned 'no more than 30 women'.
    • After the Tory papers scraped the bottom of the barrel to mudsling him during the campaign, Twitter users pretty much instantly got together and called anything and everything #nickcleggsfault.
  • Never Live It Down - Again, 'No more than 30 women', since many take it to mean literally '30 women', turning it into a bit of a Beam Me Up, Scotty! moment. The question was "How many are we talking: 10, 20, 30?", to which Clegg replied: "No more than 30 ... it's a lot less than that.". Then taken entirely out of context by every paper thereafter.
    • Promising not to raise tuition fees. And then raising them. In fairness, it wasn't his decision as it's a Tory government, but students felt betrayed.
  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: When his apology for promising not to raise tuition fees was autotuned on Youtube as a mockery, Clegg didn't seem to mind and indeed kept bringing the fact up without prompting in interviews.