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YMMV: New World of Darkness
  • Fetish Fuel
  • Fridge Logic: Spirits can subsist just by acting in accordance to whatever concept or thing they represent, but in order to grow stronger they must hunt, kill, and eat other spirits who represent similar or related concepts. If that's the case it's a wonder that things like love, compassion, cooperation, or procrastination manage to exist at all.
  • Game Breaker: Fighting Styles can be more powerful than actual supernatural abilities.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Goes without saying.
    • Belial's Brood in Requiem, the Hosts and Bale Hounds in Forsaken, Abyssal intruders in Awakening, the Pandorans and qashmallim in Promethean, the Gentry in Lost, the Kerberoi in Geist, the...everything in Hunter...
  • Screwed by the Network: White Wolf experienced massive layoffs by CCP because EVE Online was struggling due to the brilliant plan to sell monocles for real money that nobody could see.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The transition from Old World to New World was not well received by some fans. However, the new generation has gotten into the New World of Darkness, and the old guard has more or less gone from "Nerd Rage!!" to "Eh, whatever."
    • The God-Machine Chronicle rules revisions have been even less well received by an even smaller number of fans. One wonders if it's nerd rage concentration.

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