YMMV / Nevermore

  • Anvilicious / Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped:
  • Base-Breaking Character: Warrel Dane. Superb, if unconventional vocalist or a horrible amateur of one?
  • Broken Base: Subverted. When Jeff Loomis started talking about using a 7-string, a lot of people thought they were going Nu-Metal. Then they dropped Dead Heart In A Dead World.
    • Played somewhat straight with Enemies Of Reality, which garnered a mixed reception from fans due to its relatively short length and simpler song structures.
  • Crazy Awesome: "The Sound of Silence"
  • Crowning Musicof Awesome: According to many professional and amateur critics, pretty much all of there, but This Godless Endeavor is Nevermore taking their music to the absolute peak. As mentioned in the Main, it topped "Album of the Year" and "Album of the Decade" lists. Chances are it'll go down as one of the all time classics.
  • Face of the Band: Warrel Dane.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Dane. He may have had a reputation for being a drunken dickhead, but the man had an engagement horribly truncated by way of his fiancee getting involved with a cult and disappearing (and now being presumed dead). There's a good amount of evidence to suggest that he never really recovered from it.
  • Serial Escalation: A few examples already marked on this page, but Jeff Loomis' technical skill as a guitarist can only be described as this. Also, the exponential increase in heaviness and aggression from Dead Heart In A Dead World to This Godless Endeavor is this. The former arguably hit its peak with his solo material; even to this day, "Jato Unit" is still infamous for being unbelievably difficult to play on guitar, and it is slowly beginning to become a rite-of-passage song for aspiring shredders.
  • Stuck in Their Shadow: The rest of the band started to become this near the end in comparison to Jeff Loomis. They were all extremely talented musicians in their own right, but by that point, Loomis had already become THE face of modern shred guitar, more or less. As much as they had all tried to avoid it, public perception of the band had basically become "Jeff Loomis and some other guys".