YMMV / Neuropath

  • Complete Monster: Neil Cassidy, an obsessive, charismatic neuroscientist playing God with the minds of others, willingly destroyed his own personhood to better demonstrate the fundamentals of the Argument, a complex, nihilistic philosophy ruling everything as a mental construct. After graduating from college by the side of his best friend Thomas Bible, Neil was covertly enrolled in the NSA, where he performed immoral mental experiments on prisoners before going rogue to utilize that knowledge on civilians. Neil demonstrates a sick "love" for Thomas and conducts a horrific mind game with him at the center to realign his thinking back to the Argument. Along the way, Neil uses his power over people's brains to have a porn star cut herself to death with broken glass after rewiring her brain to masochistic tendencies; has a business magnate cannibalize a young girl and forces him to enjoy the experience; steals billionaire Theodoros Gyges's ability to recognize faces and drives him insane, resulting—and this might have been deliberate on Neil's part—in Gyges becoming a Serial Killer, known as the Chiropractor, who ripped out his victim's spines; and torments a televangelist with alternating sensations of divine relief and hellish damnation. This culminates in Neil murdering Thomas's—and possibly his own—four-year-old son Frankie and subjecting both Thomas and his ex-wife Nora to horrific mental and emotional torture that ultimately leaves Thomas broken as a person, all to demonstrate his twisted obsession with both Thomas and his long-abandoned philosophies. Suave, cool-headed, and utterly remorseless, Neil Cassidy took Mind Rape to an art form and left a trail of destroyed lives in his wake.
  • Faux Symbolism: Thomas Bible? His unusual surname is Lampshaded but it's not clear if it's meant to signify anything.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Neil Cassidy is a bastard, but he's charismatic, charming, and absolutely in control in every situation he's in. It turns out he's more or less made himself this way; as a result of rewiring his own mind, Neil's incapable of any empathy or even surprise and he's a perfect example of The Unfettered, flawlessly executing his twisted mind game against Thomas with virtually no blunders on his part.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Sprinkled throughout the whole book, but especially toward the end.