YMMV: Nerf Brand

  • Crack Is Cheaper: Major Nerf hobbyists spend a good deal on blasters and ammo alike. Modders spend even more on parts.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The new Vortex blasters are green
    • Storing extra clips inside the stock, or somewhere else in the blaster, seems to be just a simple gimmick. Until you realize it's a children's toy that has a convenient feature that real firearms, airsoft/BB guns, and paintball guns don't even have. (ignoring that airsoft is justified in that they store batteries instead of ammo in the space.)
    • Amusingly, some of the carbine-style automatic blasters note  feature similar problems to ACTUAL gas-piston carbines, wherein a specific type of mechanical failure makes them shoot uncontrollably until they deplete their magazine. There's Shown Their Work, and then there's replicating an actual mechanical fault in real weaponry...
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: A certain breed of Nerf owners bemoan the transition from direct-plunger action dart blasters to the reversed-plunger blasters, and others weren't pleased with the introduction of electric-only powered Nerf blasters. With the launch of the Vortex disc blasters, yet more complainers are laying the hate on the different system.
    • Then Nerf launched their "Elite" series, all using direct-plunger systems, and advertising stock ranges of 75 feet.
    • The Rebelle Line has drawn criticism from some female Nerfers who think that Hasbro is trying too hard to market the dart blasters to girls.
      • Quite a few male Nerfers are complaining about them as well. The main complaint seems to be that their too girly for a Rated M for Manly sport like Nerf. However, some of the other common complaints include a reduction in firepower, accuracy, or just plain usability compared to other Nerf blasters for the sake form over function.