YMMV / Nehrim

  • Breather Level:
    • Main quest's "The Leader Returns" ends in a couple of minutes. First, Narathzul Arantheal and you end the siege of Mountain Monastery by killing a couple of Middlerealm soldiers. Then, Narathzul, Callisto, and you ride to Cahbaet (with at worst a few encounters with wolves), and... that's all.
    • Main quest's "The Help of the Fallen" is very easy, too. Enter a dungeon through a portal, travel through a long corridor, resolve a puzzle to unlock the last room, then enter it, pick the sword, and leave the place. There aren't any enemy or trap in the place.
  • Demonic Spiders: Those damn acolytes if you're a mage. With their reflect magic, and spell absorption, you often end up killing yourself with your own magic while they smack you around with their claymores.
    • Also the actual Tarantulas. They're all over (one right outside the start of Part One!) - they're tough, spam paralytic spells so you spend more time on your face than your feet, and on top of it you don't even get to harvest any venom from them.
  • Game-Breaker: The Magic Winds armour sets if you're a mage, with its massive magic regen bonus spamming high level magic attacks and backpedaling away from enemies makes the game pathetically easy.
  • That One Quest: The Professional. Oh god, The Professional. Remember how annoying it was in Oblivion to carry objects outside of your inventory? You'll have to do this with several of them... in a Timed Mission. Oh, and it is part of the main quest.