YMMV / Naval Ops

  • Awesome Music: Aplenty in this series, for example the Wirbelwind's Theme from Commander.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Once you have a reasonably fast battleship fitted with anti-sub missiles (and the usual battleship guns), there is little reason to use anything else.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: In Warship Gunner 2, you get Special missions after beating the game once. In each one, everyone except, perhaps, the captain, acts like they've just taken a hit of something. Let's see, Tsukuba is now openly going after the captain, and is quite obvious about it. He also calls your Bridge Bunny Ms. Eye Candy. Werner, a fellow XO, is also going after the captain, and he's revealed to have taken a liking to predicting the future with every kind of method known to man, including talking to his dearly departed Aunt Betty. Braun, a female scientist and another potential XO, is also in the race for the captain's attention, revealed to be an 80s movie buff and apparently weighs a lot more than she looks. Oh, and said Bridge Bunny? She's a Manipulative Bitch now. And of course, you get to fight a dried squid. KOEI has a pretty weird sense of humor...
    • Some quotes:
      Schulz (The Captain): There goes the fourth wall...

      Nagi: Are-A-Ham-A-Key? What kind of name is that?
      Braun: Maybe it's a kind of Zen thing. Like, is a ham a key?
      Tsukuba: No. A key is made of stronger meats, like salami! Prepare to lunch attack!

      Schulz: (to Tsukuba during the escort mission) What kind of cruel twist of fate would make me end up with an old man like you?

    • This all discounts the rest of it all. A showdown with Drillships sees all three of them reappearing. The Amaterasu ("Forgettable Middle Brother") even calls the crew out:

      Amaterasu: Haven't you played the last Warship Gunner game?

      • There's also the exchange between Schulz and Werner during the "mutiny/battle royal" mission...
      Werner: Here I am! Come and get me! Hee hee!
      Schulz (playing along): "Oh, c'mere you!" Is that what you want me to say?
      Werner: Aww, you're no fun Captain, don't make me go to the tabloids! "Read all about it: Captain's Groovy College Days! Afros, Aphrodisiacs, and Hermaphrodites!" Think of the scandal.
      Nagi: Aww, he didn't read what I wrote for him. Hehe, but it worked out anyway though!

  • Game-Breaker: In Warship Gunner 2, a battleship with the Massive Wave Gun, a good Auto Reload System (alpha, or above), and the Ammo Assembler or sufficient Ammunition Depots is a Game Breaker for this reason everything in the air or on the surface in your Massive Wave Gun's line of fire DIES. On Normal difficulty, this includes bosses. And it has the second longest range (by only a slim margin compared to the longest-ranged) in the game too!
    • An Auto Reload System increases the rate of fire, so it can be used for targeting groups at closer range and not just "sniping." Finally, the Ammo Assembler system grants infinite ammo for all of the ship's weapons, but comes later (destroy 999 superweapons) than Ammunition Depots which provide 20% max ammo increase for all weapons on the ship; without them the Massive Wave Gun has 5 shots before it needs reloading. Its weaknesses are all in design elements such as weight and size (the latter making the battleship superior to the battlecarrier, the only other compatible ship) but are practically marginal or already compensated for in a good battleship design.
    • Try the frigate from hell. It can hold 10 system slots (ammo assembler plus 9 more systems of your choice), has enough room to house ASROC, Anti-Air and High Explosive Missiles, as well as pulse lasers, AGS cannons, and a magnetic pulse gun. It has as much firepower as a battleship but comes with higher speed and maneuverability, making catching up to defense targets no problem. True, the Magnetic Pulse Gun isn't as strong as the massive wave gun, but hey, when you can spam those shots to full effect, it doesn't really matter in the long run.
  • Goddamned Bats: The PT boats, tiny little vessels that serve no purpose aside from swarming all over the place and bumping into you when you're trying to deal with other, larger ships. Much later on in the game, they start firing lasers and homing missiles, mount shields, and break weapon locks, effectively upgrading them to Demonic Spiders. Even "better", they sometimes have high-level jamming and EM shielding, meaning you can't use homing weapons and lasers on them.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The Trollsegur. It's disabled and the crew surrenders... then it suddenly glows and starts fighting on its own.
    • Ragnarök's orbs of destruction. Those things are faster than 64.6 knots and, when they're fired, they emit a very weird sound and start to pursue you. The only way to escape is if you have thrusters or enigmatechs.
    • The Hell Atsche might count too. Or you could just travel in reverse.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: In the first game, you have to physically retreat from the map after completing the mission, possibly while under fire from an entire fleet. Every subsequent game allowed you to just choose a "Return" option from the menu. Also, point defense weapons did not fire automatically; you have to engage intercept mode, which prevents you from using offensive weapons.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Well, it's about warships destroying each other, but the Escort Special Mission in Warship Gunner 2 is a special case of this trope.
  • Tear Jerker: If Tsukuba doesn't become your XO, you have to fight him later in the game. It's pretty sad to sink his ship, since he refuses to abandon it.
  • That One Side Quest: Getting the Drillship In Warship Gunner 2, which entails sinking 999 Battle Carriers, which the most that spawn are 4 in mission EUR-440, which means that while it can be done early, it can take more than a day to complete due to how small the amount of ships of that class that can be sunk and the tedium of the mission.