YMMV / Natalya Neidheart

  • Dork Age: The farting gimmick. Oh, god, the farting gimmick...
  • Screwed By The Promotion: For good reason, Natalya's one of the best ring workers that WWE's had in the divas division in years. Some people think that the Hart family's tense relationship with the McMahons is at least part of the reason why Natalya continually gets little to no screentime.
  • Tear Jerker: In September 2013 she revealed on Twitter that her beloved cat Gismo had passed away and tweeted a series of pictures with her and Tyson with Gismo. Morphed into Heartwarming in Hindsight when Tyson tweeted a picture saying "there's a new Grumpy Cat in heaven".
  • Throw It In!: According to a former writer, Natalya's farting gimmick was made up on the spot as a joke between the creative team. The writer was shocked when he saw it actually appear on TV. The lesson is clearly: Be VERY careful what you suggest at meetings.