YMMV / Naruto the Movie: Legend of the Stone of Gelel

  • Complete Monster: Haido, the main villain of this second film in the franchise, was first introduced hoping to use the Stone of Gelel to create a utopia, but in fact just wants the power. Years ago, after learning about the Stone of Gelel, hoping to find it, he attacked Temujin's village, with he and his men murdering all of the adults, including Temujin's parents. He decided to spare the children, but only because they would be more useful to him alive. Seeing Temujin's potential, he made the boy his apprentice and put one piece of the Stone in his chest while convincing the children to place their souls in armored suits, becoming mindless soldiers he had complete control over. He convinces them that killing and sacrificing their bodies are necessary, and uses them to attack entire villages in the Land of Winds while trying to find the Stone. In the climax, after reaching the Mines of Gelel, he starts assaulting everyone. Temujin tries to intervene, but when he finally recognize his parents' killer, Haido mocks Temujin for not realizing it sooner and forcibly takes the crystal he gave out of Temujin's chest, declaring him a pawn no longer useful. Transforming into a more monstrous state, he proclaims he will use his new power to enslave the world. Using lies to get away with murder, cruelty and claiming power, Haido was a depraved monster whose transformation only highlighted the ugliness he hid from others.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: While many people usually tend to ignore all the movies except for the first one, this one seems to be the most unpopular of them all.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Haido when he's revealed to be the murderer of Temujin's parents and laughs at how Temujin had been so loyal to him while being in the dark.