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YMMV: Naruto: Clash of Ninja
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Final Valley Version 2 from Revolution 2, found only when Naruto faces Sasuke in a one on one battle in the Final Valley stage. And yes, it returns in Revolution 3, when the two face off again. Considering by that point you're a fairly experienced player, this can make the battle a Crowning Moment Of Awesome as well if the match is between skilled players.
  • Game Breaker: Several characters.
    • From the first game, Akumaru, who, being a dog, is so short that everyone's attacks go over his head.
    • Also exclusive to the first game, Crow. While he doesn't have many great combos, he doesn't flinch when attacked, so he can freely interrupt enemies' combos.
    • Sasuke with the Sharingan has a special which hits instantly and from across the map, with predictable results. He also has a regular combo which allows him to teleport behind his opponent and attack instantly, giving them no time to turn around and block.
    • Kabuto regenerates most of any damage he takes, effectively giving him far more health than anyone in the game. His combos aren't bad, either.
    • From Shippuden 3, Sasori's stinger attack lets him break his opponent's guard in one shot from across the screen, his regular combos are almost as powerful, and his special attack poisons the opponent on top of its substantial damage.
    • Anyone who can break guards with a single combo is, if not a Game Breaker, a Goddamned Bat at least.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: In Revolution 3, earning money to buy things is a chore.
  • That One Boss:
    • In Revolution 2, Asuma, with his quick movements and the fact you're playing a character who's fairly weak, makes him a problem.
    • Kabuto, in the same game, is even worse: recovers health, doesn't flinch, and you have to finish him with a special, which is very hard.
    • Revolution 3 has Deidara, who doesn't recover, but carries the non-flinching effect, and can one-hit KO if not careful.

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