• Awesome Music: The first OP theme, "Modern Strange Cowboy".
  • Cliché Storm: Combining psychic powers, robots, loli-fetishes and even eldritch angels
  • Fridge Logic: Where did the container with super-concentrated Derodoro go? Probably inside Eve's body, she could easily hide it using her fragment.
  • Les Yay : Same-sex relationships are common enough in St. Lily Academy that when Rin tries to expose Setsuna as a lesbian (or so she thinks) it falls completely flat. Kuchinashi is one of the biggest cases, though she'll make an exception for boys who look good in girl clothes (i.e. Cruz).
    Kuchinashi: Don't worry, I'm not that interested in guys.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Here and there, but few enough. For example, Arclight devours Needless rebels to gain their power.
  • Older Than They Think: When the anime aired, a number of people accused it of copying Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and they are indeed fairly similar. However, the manga started in 2003, four years before Gurren Lagann aired.
  • Squick: Blade's unabashed pedophilia and the large amount of exploitation of the (presumably underaged) Pretty Girl Squadron can be quite shocking and off putting to those who came into the series unaware of it and expecting a more straightforward action series. Cruz's series-long crossdressing and eventual unwilling gender bending can be equally as discomforting for similar reasons. That said, by the time the latter two events happen, the reader has generally become accustomed to the absurd line-crossing Rule of Funny humor of the series.
  • The Untwist: Saten, the guy who looks even more like Blade than Blade's Evil Twin Adam Arclight does, turns out to be the original Adam? No way!
  • X Meets Y: s-CRY-ed meets Gurren Lagann.