YMMV / Mystic Ark

  • Crowning Music of Awesome — Nearly every battle theme, and a few others as well.
  • Nightmare Fuel — Those cute cuddly little foxes become terrifying stilt-legged demons on the battle screen.
    • The appropriately named Child's World - there is exactly one adult to be found anywhere (not counting the Hero, of course). None of the children seem to find this the least bit odd or unusual, and nobody mentions what happened to the other adults.
    • The World of Darkness is perhaps the most unsettling part of the entire game, you can't infuse the arks into the figurines, nor can you escape as there is no object that you can interact with to leave. The music doesn't help matters and that you have to fight random enemies. Combine that with random logs scattered about of how Darkness came into existence. and you have perhaps one of the most jarring dungeons ever developed by Enix for the SNES Era.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda — It was long held up as an actual sequel to The 7th Saga rather than a mere Spiritual Successor... until someone finally started work on translating the game and discovered right off the bat that their stories are entirely unrelated.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion — Yes, that's Remeer there on the game's cover—not Ferris. The only real way of differentiating between the two is that Ferris has a dress that poofs out and wears her hair in a braided ponytail, while Remeer has a very long shirt and lets his long bishie locks flow freely.