YMMV / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 10 E 05 The Blood Waters Of Dr Z

  • Funny Moments: Crow's take on the doctor's soliloquy.
    • Pearl's love deprivation experiment on Mike and the 'Bots. After first confusing love with adding fractions and her recipe for puff pastry, she sends them a bucket labeled "Pearl's Love Stuff" (which contains such things as a staple remover, a pawn shop receipt for a 10-gauge shotgun, a bottle of flavored gin, twelve hot pads, and an alternator), and then takes it away. Crow doesn't take it well.
      Crow: No love! Love is gone! So lost! Feeling panicky! No sense of self! Developing stress-disorders and inability to work with others! (singing) WHERE IS LOVE?!?!
    • She sends it back.
      Crow: Love! Sweet hot pad love! Hm, she does love me! *Movie sign* Goodbye, love!
    • During one of the side sections, when Mike and the bots are fishing from space (while using Minnesota Nice accents):
      Crow: Whoa, nelly. What kinda lure were you usin' Mike? A grenade? Or...
      Mike: Well, sometimes when you bring 'em through high orbit they'll freeze n' go through explosive decompression.
      Tom Servo: Oh, that'll wreck your catch.
      Mike: Yeah.
      Tom Servo: Better throw it back.
    • Riff-wise, this just may be one of the greatest lines ever done:
      Voiceover of Dr. Leopold's Former Boss: Your theory is insane, doctor! Turning a man into a fish? I cannot approve funding for such an outrageous experiment!
      Crow: ...Now pull up your pants and get out of my office!
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Mike's riff of "He's the Dana Plato of catfishes!" as Leopold wrecks a drugstore, while apt, proved to be very poorly-timed, as Plato would die of an overdose less than a week after the episode's initial airing.
  • Squick: The chew tobacco scene.
    Servo: Have you tried this Crow's Tobacco Juice brand pop? It's not very good.