YMMV / Mystery Case Files

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The revelation in Key that Charles fathered Gwendolyn and Charlotte, not just Victor, suggests that Rose may not have been as fragile or innocent as she'd seemed to be in the earlier games. Indeed, if she was sleeping with Charles while still living as Mr. Somersett's wife, it's conceivable that she'd attempted to help Emma escape out of jealousy, not fear for Emma's own welfare. And Charles probably knew it, hence his mistreatment of Rose while she was his Replacement Goldfish for Emma.
  • Funny Moments: In 13th Skull, the bartender at the local dive asks you to unclog the toilet. When you succeed, you are heralded by the sounds of people cheering and applauding.
  • Nausea Fuel: The orders Charles' mother gives him in Escape from Ravenhearst. See also No Yay below.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Increasing with each game in the Ravenhearst arc.
    • People who have a phobia of skeletons would do well to keep away from these games, particularly 13th Skull (as the name would imply).
    • The fates of the performers in Madame Fate are all sorts of grisly. We have Art stuffing his mouth with cigars, smoking himself to death, Dante being hung by his own tongue, and Francesco being so hungry he died after eating a horse.
    • Escape From Ravenhearst comes with a trigger warning on the download page for a reason. Multiple reasons, in fact - among them, implied child abuse and a patient's eye view of a Victorian insane asylum.
  • No Yay: Charles and the Master Detective's interactions in Escape from Ravenhearst. First, he asks her to "give birth to him". She does. Then he pulls off an Accidental Marriage trick on her. Gah.