YMMV / Mystara

  • Complete Monster:
    • Baron Ludwig von Hendriks is an insane aristocrat who rules the Barony of the Black Eagle. von Hendriks has raids conducted where innocent halflings are often taken and enslaved and is most infamous for the tortures he inflicts. In the Black Eagle Barony, being accused of a crime gets you before his court. The problem is von Hendriks only cares how loud you can scream and devises nasty tortures that he's used on countless innocents.
    • The Baron's former right hand man Bargle the Infamous is just as evil. As the Black Eagle Barony's number two, Bargle enforced its brutal reign of terror, and deserted it when it fell. Bargle had used many innocents and captives in twisted experiments. He later participated in destroying the flying city of the gnomes and captured a well known cleric to father his child on her, after presenting her with the tortured corpse of her husband.