YMMV / My Two Dads

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Marcy Bradford giving custody of Nicole to Michael and Joey is seen like her trying to help them get over their differences, but also she was playing games with her daughter's life. Instead of entrusting Nicole to a friend or a family member, she gave her to two men she hadn't seen in years who she knew not only hated each other, presumably because she was cheating on them with each other when Nicole was conceived, but also didn't even know about her daughter until after she died. Furthermore, if either Michael or Joey had decided they didn't want to take care of Nicole then she would have been sent to the local Orphanage of Fear.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: In the first season episode "The Wedge", Malcolm, a rock singer friend of Joey's, comes to visit. He takes Nicole and her dads on a balloon ride. After they return, Michael describes the ride as Malcolm "playing chicken with the World Trade Center."
  • Retroactive Recognition: This series gives us Paul Reiser pre-Mad About You, Staci Keanan before she did Going Places and Step by Step, and a young Giovanni Ribisi.