YMMV / My Hostage Not Yours

  • Complete Monster: Iggins, the Big Bad of the second story in the trilogy. His vendetta against Gaz — which starts with sending assassins after her and her loved ones and escalates to using a Mind-Control Device to make her his slave (with some disturbing subtext to his intentions for her) — is all a result of Gaz taking his Game Slave 2 when they were kids. And he stole it from her in the first place. Oh, and when Dib and Zim attack his lair to free her, he first uses his own younger siblings as bodyguards, and when Zim gets past them, forces him to fight Gaz — which, seeing as Zim and Gaz are in a relationship by this point, adds a whole extra layer of Kick the Dog to that action. When Gaz breaks free of the mind control and proceeds to beat Iggins within an inch of his life, which renders him catatonic and promptly locked away in a mental institute, it is very satisfying to read.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: "Gir, stop trying to eat your bow-tie."
  • Epileptic Trees: When the author announced that Tak would be returning in Takeover, the reviewers came up with dozens of theories as to how. None of them were right.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The description of the Valkian Queen makes her sound pretty good looking by human standards.
    • Gaz has apparently bloomed pretty well, too. True, she can't really qualify as "evil" until Takeover, but she sure as hell wasn't "good" beforehand.
      • Interestingly, she doesn't flaunt her looks — if anything, she hates how good-looking she is, as she'd rather be feared than admired.
  • I Knew It: One of the reviewers correctly predicted that Dib would get the second Pill, and had this reaction when it happened.
    • And one viewer correctly guessed Iggins was the mystery Big Bad of Revenge.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The aforementioned brainwashing for Iggins. And then, he makes Gaz fight and nearly kill Zim, the person she loves most.