YMMV / My Cat From Hell

  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Many, but the earliest comes at the end of the first episode, when the cat owner's boyfriend - who had never considered himself a "cat person" and would have rather had (in his own words) a tiny, annoying dog than his girlfriend's two cats - offhandedly refers to the kitties as "my cats." When he realizes what he's just said and how far his relationship with the cats has progressed, he has to reiterate it to Jackson with obvious delight and pride.
  • Follow the Leader: Has been followed up by My Tiny Terror in June 2014, wherein a Distaff Counterpart of Jackson specializes in unruly small dogs such as chihuahuas and pomeranians.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: A few of the cats that Jackson has saved can become even more tragic thanks to certain events learned later on after the episode aired. For example, Lux the "911 cat" with a condition that can cause him random pain at times becomes more tragic when it was revealed that the family that called 911 on him may have also been abusive towards him as well. Thank goodness Jackson managed to convince them to rehome him to a much more loving family.
  • Squick:
    • Whenever an owner has an inadequate litterbox, Jackson takes out a blacklight and usually reveals urine stains everywhere except the litterbox.
    • Or if the litterbox itself is fine, but the owner has been negligent in cleaning it out.
    • Also, how does Jackson sometimes inspect the litterbox? By running his hand through the litter. True, it's to gain information, and he acknowledges that it's gross, but still.
    • 50% of season 5 was filled with the above examples.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Occasionally, Jackson meets an owner who had recently lost a pet and finds it hard to move on. Often, when this happens, they memorialize the old pet as a way of symbolically letting go. One of these episodes even had an "In memory" card for one of Jackson's own pets at the end.
    • For cat lovers, it can be a Tear Jerker to watch some of the owners insist that their cats have good sides and just need help, especially if other people in their lives are insisting on measures like euthanasia. One of the most touching of these moments was with Einstein. One of his owners was a young boy who broke down on camera while saying how much he loved the cat.
    • One Season 5 episode ended with the owners surrendering their cat to a foster home because of his Feline Hyperesthesia Syndrome. While the cat turned out happy and the owners did too, it was heartbreaking to watch. But Subverted in that the family admitted to allowing the child to pull and yank on the cat, and the father had in fact kicked the cat. They'd also previously kept him locked up in a tiny room and then wondered why he was so frustrated. They would later go on to try to get Lux back, but thankfully were blocked.