YMMV / My Candy Love

  • Alas, Poor Scrappy: In a bizarre subversion, Amber after episode 23. First she learns that her father was an abusive jerk and her mother stood by and let it happen, and then she's separated from Nathaniel because he moves out for good. Your candy is at first sympathetic, but then Amber basically reverts back to being an Alpha Bitch losing a good chunk of sympathy from not only Candy, but the fandom as well.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Nathaniel is arguably the most complex character in the game. Is he really a nice, responsible lad who loves school? Or is he simply putting on a show for his really strict parents? When he was a child he used to be a horrible little menace but has he really matured past all of his negative traits from back then? There are very strong hints that point to no.
    • episode 24 shows that he's a mixture of both. A genuinely Nice Guy who really does love school and studying, but can easily be cutthroat and sarcastic (not to mention vengeful) if he's annoyed.
    • And now the big debate is on Dake's character. Is he really a Chivalrous Pervert Surfer Dude who is so arrogant that he can't even comprehend a girl NOT falling in love with him? Or is he like Kentin, a decent guy who genuinely cares for your candy, and is just putting on a masculine front to hide his insecurities? His nicer actions combined with his general behavior make it hard for his fans or his haters (or neutrals) to really come up with a common conclusion.
    • Candy herself. In earlier episodes, it seemed easy to dismiss her doormat-like behavior (her tolerance of people constantly asking her to do things, the way that all her classmates were so Easily Forgiven after Castiel's arc, etc.) as simply an attempt to avoid drama and make her bland enough that she could function as the player character and therefore anyone could project their own personality onto her. However, more recent episodes have begun to establish her as a bit of a people pleaser and imply that she has low self-esteem (Patrick, the art teacher, even mentions to Philip that she could use more confidence after knowing her for only two days) which could be why she seems so unwilling to stand up for herself.
  • Base Breaker: Nathaniel's abusive backstory and how your candy handled the situation when she found out. Some praise it as Reality Ensues for its more realistic portrayal of handling a child abuse case and for how your candy did her best to get Nathaniel out of a dangerous situation. Others condemn how your candy handled it by saying she should've stayed out of it and WAY overstepped her boundaries. This half believes that after Nathaniel told her to stay out of it because she had no idea of the consequences that would follow if she said anything, she should've listened. Ultimately there was a happy ending though.
    • Occasionally, the candy herself can cause a rift thanks to some of her actions being considered idiotic by some and understandable by others. The problem basically boils down to the fact that although your candy is YOUR avatar, she is still following a story and thus the player does not have full, 100% complete control over her actions. This leads to irritation when the story gives incentive to take an action the player normally wouldn't do (such as give into Amber's demands for an illustration) and massive amounts of anger when the story forces the candy to do something the player did not want them to do (see the ending of episode 29).
    • Priya. She was not well-received by most of the fanbase because of the possibility that she might be yet another potential rival. Another side, however, simply doesn't care much about her and simply believe that she's a genuine Nice Girl who just happened to befriend some of the dateable guys, and has no romantic interest in any of them.
      • As of Episode 28, the latter seems to be correct, as Priya makes it clear to you she's not interested in the boy of your interest, and she seems more interested in butting heads with Amber. She could be considered Rescued from the Scrappy Heap for some.
    • The Candy herself can be subject to this. Though the majority agree that she's a kind girl, a number of people are irritated and frustrated with how stupid her decisions can get, as well as suffering from obliviousness from the boy's feelings, even if it's obvious. Episode 29 in Nathaniel's path also made her appear to want needless melodrama with Melody by not doing much to dissuade Peggy with taking photos of Melody without her permission for their assignment, which was to represent the vice of envy.
    • Episode 31 has given the fandom conflicted views of Nina. Apparently, her mother is depressed and recently was in the hospital because her father left the family. This is why she wanders around unattended so much, and why she developed an unhealthy crush on Lysander. Some people find that this, not to mention her young age, makes it harder to resent her for her tricking an amnesiac Lysander into believing she is his girlfriend. Others argue that her situation is tragic but still doesn't justify her actions. You even have the option ingame of whether you'd like to forgive her or not.
  • Broken Base: Some of the decisions that the Candy makes can fall on this. Particularly starting from Episode 29, some players are angry and frustrated with Candy's reaction of wanting a secret relationship with the boy, and feel she's purposely hurting him. However, others argue that her line of reasoning is sound considering she's grounded, and her father was already angry at the boy in Episode 28.
    • Some also feel from that same episode that it's no longer My Candy Love, but Candy's Love. From the above point, the decisions she makes are jarring (even stupid) to some people, and they feel alienated by it. Because they no longer are playing a game where their decisions really matter since she makes rather important ones for herself, independently (i.e. making the relationship with her and her boy of choice a secret).
    • Peggy's action of taking photos of Melody without her permission in Episode 29 on Nathaniel's path. Some are appalled at Candy not really doing anything to dissuading Peggy for her action, and, even if they were annoyed by Melody's flirtations with Nathaniel, still found this a Kick the Dog moment. They also add that Melody was feeling what the Candy felt towards Priya, and so Candy should know better and empathize. Others however have become very uncaring towards Melody for her petty behaviour to the Candy, and felt that even after the heart-to-heart talk they both had, she still tries to rush after Nathaniel and seems to forget all about the friendship. Thus feeling that her desperation in pursuing is the thing that's appalling as she doesn't seem to care about staying friends. Especially since she doesn't seem to take Nathaniel's feelings into part, and with Candy and Priya, they at least come to a complete understanding with Priya backing away.
  • Creepy Cute: Black, the talking bat in the 2011 Halloween episode scares Candy, but he is a very kind little being.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Rosalya and Violette.
    • There are many people who wish Mr. Faraize was a pursuable character. Along the same line of thinking, the doctor in episode 31, who had fans swooning ever since Chinomiko sneak-peeked his design on her Tumblr.
  • Epileptic Trees: A recent relationship chart that came out neglected to show a 'family' arrow between Armin and Alexy. Many theories are abound ranging from a simple printing error to government conspiracy. The fact that a recent interview also confirmed that the boys are adopted does not help things.
  • Fridge Brilliance: Kentin really, really wants to get at Debrah and Castiel for hurting your candy. Even when your LO'M isn't that high he's still super pissed. Now this could mainly be because he's a nice guy, however you remember how in the early episodes one thing that made him upset was that he could not stand up for you when Amber bullied you. Now that he has gotten stronger both mentally and physically, he possibly saw getting Debrah as a chance to make up for what he couldn't do before; protect your candy from a bully.
    • Nathaniel spends a LOT of time at the school. Seeing his home life, it's easy to figure out why.
    • In episode 6, you find out Violette carries a stuffed animal around with her for comfort. When you meet everyone's parents, you find out her mother died a few months ago. This, coupled with her natural shyness and social anxiety, is probably why she needs something comforting and secure to keep with her all the time, despite being in high school.
    • In episode 2, Nathaniel and Castiel get into a physical fight over something relatively minor. When more major conflicts happen between them later on, it never escalates this far (barring the flashback in the Debrah arc) so one wonders what was different this time. Then you realize Lysander isn't introduced till episode 4. He probably makes an effort to stop Castiel from doing anything too hotheaded or impulsive, but since he wasn't around this time there was no reason for Castiel to calm down.
  • Fridge Horror: Think about Nathaniel's life for a minute. He seems to keep his distance from everyone- basically everyone in the class is friends to some extent (excluding Amber's group and Capucine), but essentially all the kids have a specific best friend... except him. He doesn't seem to be very close to Melody, his sister is a self-absorbed brat, and your candy's relationship depends heavily on your own choices. Considering his dad beats him and his mom doesn't seem to care, that means that the kid basically has **no one**. He's already confirmed as being highly sensitive and hard on himself. Consider what having basically no emotional support could do, psychologically, to anyone, especially a teenager. Fortunately, this seems to be getting better after he moves out as he seems to be growing friendships with some of the others, like Armin.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: Through most of the game, Lysander's poor memory is Played for Laughs. Then comes episode 31, where as a result of his car crash, he develops amnesia and forgets, among other things, who YOU are.
  • Growing the Beard: Earlier episodes were pretty silly and run-of-the-mill as expected for a dating sim game. However later episodes have tackled much more mature subjects while also allowing the characters around you to grow and develop. It comes at the cost of more AP, but very few people are complaining about the direction the story is going.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Ms. Delaney insulting Armin and looking at Nathaniel "like he was the dumbest person in the room" was already treated like Kick the Dog moments in-universe. But they get a LOT more unsettling when you realize (or worse, experience for yourself) that there are real teachers like that.
  • Ho Yay: Denied by Castiel and Lysander in episode 12. However Alexy's constant teasing towards Kentin can come across as flirtatious to some people.
    • Alexy is miiiiighty upset and suspicious when you walk into the gym with Kentin in episode 21. And he gets pretty defensive when Candy points out his weird behavior.
      • In Episode 29 in Kentin's path, he outright admits that he did like him. However, he came to terms that it was hopeless that his feelings would be reciprocated, and wishes both the Candy and Kentin good fortune.
    • Foe Yay: For two people who want nothing to do with each other, Castiel and Nathaniel sure are willing to take every opportunity to talk/insult to one another. Castiel teasing Nathaniel about his 'measurements' (as a comparison to his own) doesn't help at all.
    • In episode 18 Nathaniel, in a shocking moment of worry, lets you candy know that Castiel is at risk for being expelled if he didn't go back to school. He also was almost encouraging candy to try and bring him back (he certainly wasn't discouraging her). You'd think he'd be happy if Castiel left the school for good.
  • I Knew It: Many, many, many, MANY people correctly guessed that Nathaniel was being abused before episode 23 confirmed it as true.
    • Also Alexy's crush on Kentin was predicted as soon as he stated "I like muscles".
  • Jerkass Woobie: Capucine is utterly rude to you and everyone else, but it's becoming clear she has some kind of anxiety disorder and serious issues making friends, which is why she looks up to Amber so much. Also, in episode 32, Amber, who mainly was Petting the Dog in regards to her, tells the whole class about her relationship with a nerdy underclassmen and bullies her to the point of tears.
  • Les Yay: Priya's interactions and comments with the Candy noticeably sound take a far more sincere and serious tone.
    • Your candy has a tendency to talk about how gorgeous she finds Rosalya.
    • Capucine's utterly devoted to Amber (who doesn't seem to care about her at all) and doesn't seem interested in making friends with any of the other girls OR boys. It doesn't help that her original creator (Capucine was one of the winning entries in a character creation contest) planned for her to have a crush on Jade (back when it seemed like he would be a major character) but this detail was completely taken out of the game. Although as of episode 32, she does have a boyfriend.
  • Memetic Mutation: Ninja Nathanialnote  and his facepalm of doooomnote ! Arsonist Nathaniel would also qualify, particularly on the tumblr. But the reasoning for this one is unclear... Lysandeernote ! And Castiel is on his period. Always.note 
    • Ascended Meme: Lysandeer appears in episode 21 if you choose the Red Riding Hood play. And yes they actually spell his part Lysandeer.
  • Moment of Awesome: For the team. After 5 years of asking and back and forth arguments between the fandom with very little word from the official team, and as of January 22nd 2016, alternate skintones have finally been added to the game. There are many players now who are proud to show pictures of their candy looking more like them.
  • Moment Of Funny: Several:
    • Anytime Lysander has a ditz moment. His notebook was one thing. But his pen and paper (in school no less!) and everything afterwards calls for some funny comments. Episode 17 in particular...
    Lysander: I'm lost.
    • When Alexy teases Kentin about his fear of Castiel and later on, his fashion sense.
    • In episode 11 whoever you are partnered with will make a big deal out of you holding the map. They take the map since they think your candy will lose it. Guess what happens once you need the map? Your candy is not amused but you certainly will be.
      • Also if you partner with Castiel and meet up with Iris to ask about Amber:
    Iris: Your list says Amber? That's kinda weird...
    Castiel: What are you smoking Iris?
    • In episode 14 while practicing for the concert, Nathaniel's drumstick 'accidentally' flies out of his hand and just so happened to hit Castiel in the back of the head.
      • In that same episode, Armin thinks playing Guitar Hero drums is an good enough for a live concert. Castiel's and Lysander's comments really make the moment
    • In episode 17 Rosalya goes through your closet and LOUDLY comments on your underwear not being sexy enough...while Kentin, Nathaniel, and Armin are standing right there.
      • This exchange (rough translation):
    Kentin (talking to Nathaniel): Your uniform look was popular in my parent's time. You come to school wearing a shirt and tie!
    Nathaniel: I love my outfit it's not old-fashioned! And you're the one wearing military trousers from the 40s!
    Kentin: It's better than your ugly tie!
    Candy (thinking): Damn. And here I thought only girls argued about that stuff.
    • Episode 18 brought more to the table:
      • The girls giving Castiel a death glare when he says he doesn't care what happens to the rabbits. It was super effective.
      • The girls are dead-set on saving the rabbits and they ask the boys to help. Since it was very obviously more of a demand to help, all of the boys say yes. You then get a group shot of the boys agreeing to help and out of all of them only Lysander and Alexy are happy. The rest are using their mad animations.
      • Your date with Castiel. Mr. Farzie walks in just in time to see Castiel holding your shirt prompting Castiel to say it's Not What It Looks Like.
      • Kentin's reaction to kissing a rabbit.
      • When first attempting to save the rabbits with Armin and Nathaniel, one of the rabbits gets a little too comfortable in your candy's arms. Armin proceeds to make a joke and if your LO'M with Nathaniel is high enough he will defend your honor. Violently.
      • Rosalya takes you out to buy some clothes and no matter what you choose, even if you choose to IMPRESS him, Kentin will never notice what you wearing. His cheeky smile when he admits he wasn't paying attention also prompts a funny reaction from Candy.
    Candy: Just tell me I'm pretty!
    • Episode 21:
      • Nathaniel's measurements, according to Rosalya, would be perfect if he was a girl.
      • The argument between Nathaniel's and Castiel's parents (in a sort of Black Comedy kind of way knowing how much Nathaniel and Castiel hate each other). But the stand out moment is when grades are brought up.
      • And speaking of, Castiel and Nathaniel really went at it in this episode. Their fighting was kinda of funny when it wasn't disturbing.
      • Lysander's parents mistaking Nathaniel for Castiel despite his maaaaaany claims to the contrary. His frustration shouldn't be so funny but it is.
      • Armin is playing as Maleficient if you choose the Sleeping Beauty play. Candy?
    Candy: You really think they'll change Maleficient's gender for you?
    Armin: THEY'D BETTER.
    • When Castiel teases Nathaniel for getting his measurements taken after him, Rosalya immediately attacks his ego by saying that Leigh is bigger than him
    Castiel: You're in love...You're not objective.
    • One of the things you can tell Castiel, if he plays the Big Bad Wolf, is 'what a beautiful dress you have'.
    • Small one in episode 23. If you choose to talk to Armin and bring him to Nathanial's house, he'll lie and say that Nathaniel borrowed one of his game consoles. When he tries to get it back...
    Armin(as you both are getting kicked out): And what about my game?
    Nathaniel's mom: To the devil with your stupidities!
    • The best part is he gets so into character that he still acts offended when she leaves.
    • Episode 25 brings more gold to the room:
      • The students all get paired up for the science class. When Nathaniel finds out he's with Li he face palms. When Kentin finds out he's with Castiel, he looks terrified.
      • Amber and Armin are paired together and cause a little incident. Afterwards, in typical Amber fashion, she blames Armin for the fiasco.
    Armin(upset): Are you serious?
  • Moment Of Heartwarming: Episode 16 and 17 had several that stand out:
    • At the end of episode 16 where the guy of your choice (except Castiel) comforts your candy when she breaks down into tears.
    • In episode 17 Castiel gets his heart broken once again by Debrah. No matter what your LO'M with him is your candy looks for him to offer him comfort as well.
    • Despite it being Easily Forgiven, when your candy forgives Violette and she runs up to hug you. Your candy thinking that that is the first time Violette has taken initiative like that is what makes the moment so heartwarming.
    • In episode 18, EVERYONE gathering in the classroom and deciding to help the bunnies. It was the first time everyone was so unified and worked together for the same cause (even Amber, her crew, and Capucine helped. Though they weren't willing to have their names mentioned should they get in trouble). Not even Debrah managed to get everyone on the same side!
      • Also in episode 18, even though there is a dress specifically needed for his illustration, Kentin is the only one who says you look pretty in every outfit you choose (after you get him to notice of course).
    • Episode 23:
      • Li and Charlotte being worried for Amber. As rude as they are to your candy, such loyalty and friendship for the Alpha Bitch is actually pretty rare in a genre such as this.
      • Rosalya proving yet again that she's actually got your back no matter what cementing once and for all that she's your best friend in this game.
      • Castiel really stepped up his Heart of Gold game this episode. And we can be sure that Nathaniel probably really appreciates it.
    • In Episode 31, on Castiel's route, you get to see his reunion with Lysander. Though Castiel at first just tells him not to do that again, Lysander notes he looks like he needs to get some rest. Castiel then laughs in relief and tells him to take a look at himself. Considering that neither of them are generally very emotionally available, this scene is pretty cute. If you're not on Castiel's route, it's still pretty heartwarming, in an odd way, how personally offended he gets at Nina for taking advantage of Lysander's amnesiac state. Not to mention Lysander DOES remember his hatred towards Deborah because "she really hurt Castiel." This episode really shows that despite their differences, they really have a true friendship.
    • Episode 32 has several:
      • You and Peggy going to comfort Capucine when she runs away crying, even though neither of you are very close to her, and Peggy promising not to write an article about her boyfriend.
      • Mrs. Delanay actually showing genuine concern for Lysander and Capucine.
      • Even if your affinity isn't that high with Castiel, he still treats you rather warmly in this episode, partly due to Character Development, and partly because of what you're doing to help Lysander.
      • The heart-to-heart you have with Rosalya while she sleeps over at your house.
      • Lysander getting his memories back thanks to you bringing him his notebook.
      • Small one, but your parents, seeing what you've been through in the last few days, unground you and genuinely make an effort to try and support you.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Debrah has been committing before your candy even arrives. But she goes out with a bang that's for sure. When she finds out that your candy planned for her to lose her contract, her revenge scheme is to beat you up, plant a couple of bruises on herself, and then try a Wounded Gazelle Gambit.
    • Nathaniel's father beats Nathaniel. And of course, once your candy finds out she calls social services. Near the end of the investigation Nathaniel TRIES to make amends with his dad and help him understand that he went too far in his 'discipline'...only to get a black eye for his efforts.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Nathaniel's home life. The guy was so afraid of his parents finding out he learned how to play drums that he actually sends you candy out to make sure they didn't show up. Seeing the things that Amber does and gets away with (and what you see in episode 12) it really makes you wonder what the hell is up with his parents. And now we know that his dad is abusive and expects far too much of Nathaniel and while his mom is aware of the abuse, she ignores it completely.
  • Neutral Good: No matter how mean you make your candy, she will still follow the rules and do what she can to help others. Episode 16 takes it to its extreme in a sad way.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Kentin wasn't well-liked at first (his 'Ken' profile has a two star rating compared to the others who are at least 4 stars or more). But since he's come back, opinions on him have been much more favorable (his new profile has 4 and a half stars).
    • Melody started out well-liked for being sweet and friendly. But once she started becoming petty and passive-aggressive towards you out of jealousy (and hypocritcally called you out for 'not knowing Nathaniel that well' when she didn't know him that well either), she drew the fandom's ire. However a little action from your candy as well as a sweet heart-to-heart got Melody to go back to how she was before.
      • Sadly, if you pursue Nathaniel, her passive-aggression is not only worse, but she actively gets in the way between you and Nathaniel, which frustrates a number of players.
    • Priya was at first disliked, and how she charms all the boys with ease. However, the hate for her quickly died down in Episode 28 where, after having a heart-to-heart with her, she reveals she isn't interested in any of the boys. In fact, she seems more interested in going against Amber, which got her into the graces of some fans.
    • Many fans were annoyed at Philip's overprotective behavior (screaming at your love interest and grounding your Candy for a month after she sneaks out) in Episode 28, some going as far as to call him abusive. In Episode 30, though, he seems to regret taking out his anger at your Candy on your boyfriend and even apologizes to him offscreen, and says he won't forbid her from seeing him, which got the hate to mostly die down.
  • The Scrappy: Amber for being an Alpha Bitch. And any rival for the guys won't be very well liked by the guy's fanbase. To be fair, Nina can be scary and Debrah appears to be sociopathic (and is also hated by more than Castiel fangirls due in part to what she does to your candy and Nathaniel).
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The Action Points system is pretty much universally detested by the fandom, especially because it's very easy to waste action points running around when you don't know where to go (and sometimes even if you go to the right place, the objective won't immediately trigger and you'll be left to waste even more until you happen to check that location again.) Not to mention that you get a total of 10-15 action points a day (without spending real life money), which totals 5-7 movements. It's completely possible to waste several day's worth of action points without progressing the story at all. Unfortunately, Beemoov has said that they won't change this system as it's their main source of profit from the game.
  • Slash Fic: Same sex-couples are pretty popular in this fandom. BL-wise CastielxNathaniel, CastielxLysander, and KentinxAlexy are all pretty big. Pairing the girls up with the candy is popular too, but the most popular femslash pairing seems to be KimxViolette.
  • Tear Jerker: Episode 16 is the most emotional episode so far for your candy.
    • Though it completely and utterly pales in comparison to episode 23.
    • Episode 31, too. All of the arcs are shaping up to be pretty emotional.
    • In episode 32 in Nathaniel's route, he talks about how even though the situation with his parents is technically resolved, he wishes that his mother would try to help him and emotionally support him. Even though he has your candy, it's still very sad (and very realistic) seeing how growing up in an abusive household can affect someone.
  • Values Dissonance: Mild example: since the game is written and takes place in France, where smoking is comparatively more accepted than in North America, the game never portrays Castiel's smoking habit to be a bad thing (the fact that he hangs out in the basement to smoke is just supposed to symbolize his rebellious nature.) Some American players, however, are slightly perturbed by this, and have expressed a desire for him to quit (though many of them actually find it attractive, and most don't care at all.)
  • What an Idiot: Your candy can make some...pretty dumb decisions. If anything, several problems wouldn't actually be problems if she just thought a little before she acted.
    • To give an example: dialogue choices. Some answers appear completely innocuous or even right. This means many players are caught off guard when their candy follows up the statement with something so stupid that next thing they know, the boy they like dropped 25 points and Armin thinks they're a homophobe.
    • Deborah has a little moment of this. It's bad enough she cheated on Castiel with someone he knew. But it's hard to fathom why she thought dating both of her bandmates at the same time was a good idea. Like did it really never occur to her that they'd find out? Either way that staggering moment of stupidity ultimately set into motion her visit to Sweet Amoris and thus her downfall.
    • Ms. Delanay. Full Stop. Take note that no reasonable scientist (let alone teacher) would leave a bunch of high schoolers to mess with dangerous chemicals unsupervised. The worst part is her actually telling them to start the experiment instead of telling them to not touch anything until she got back.
  • The Woobie: A few:
    • Nathaniel is abused by his very strict father (who dotes on Amber by comparison) and while his mother sees it happening, she pretends it doesn't. Amber is completely unaware of it going on but being a Spoiled Brat she WILL give him hell if she thinks he's crossed her. And even at school, implied to be his safe haven, things don't always go so well for him. Even after he moves out, his relationship with his mother is strained as she doesn't believe his emotional trauma from his abuse.
    • Castiel's parents are almost never home and his former flame played his heart.
    • Kentin was apparently bullied mercilessly at his/Candy's old school. Even the teachers forgot about him! The sole reason he moved to Sweet Amoris in the first place is because the ONLY person who was nice to him (your candy) moved there. A bit of Fridge Horror or Fridge Logic takes place if you make your candy mean to him too. At Sweet Amoris he is immediately bullied by Amber and her friends and his dad ships him off to military school for being unable to fight back.
    • The whole situation with Deborah made your candy into one as you see her trying so hard to do the right thing only to be hated by almost everybody for it. Later episodes only make this worse, as she is established as having low self confidence to the point she was worried a girl who had been at the school only a few days would steal the affections of boys she had known for ages. Not to mention how often her recurring attempts to help others tend to blow up in her face (for example in episode 23, where attempting to save Nathaniel from his abusive home gets him livid at her, yet she doesn't give up (mainly because they DO usually end up with happy endings.) And in episode 31, she is forgotten by Lysander, even if she's his GIRLFRIEND.
    • In episode 25 Capucine has a panic attack. This lead to an outpouring a sympathy for an otherwise pretty forgettable character.
    • As of episode 31, Lysander, whose father is dying, while he himself is suffering amnesia to the point of forgetting one of his best friends (or girlfriend) and isn't even aware of his father's sickness. This episode also gives us Nina, whose mother is suffering a nervous breakdown over her Disappeared Dad.
    • Violette, who's sweet and adorable but painfully shy and lacking in self-confidence. Doesn't help that her mother is dead.
  • Woolseyism: Here and there between the French and (mainly) English version. One example is at the beginning of episode 6. While talking to Leigh in the French version, you refer to him as "vous" the formal form of "you", and he tells you you can call him "tu", the informal form, since he's not much older than you. Since the informal "you" (thou) is no longer used in English, this is translated as you simply talking to him very formally and him telling you that you don't have to speak like that.
    • In the French version, Nathaniel is a class representative, but in international versions he is the student council president, which is a different post but has similar connotations. For some reason though, Melody remains a delegate in all versions.