YMMV / My Bloody Valentine

The 1981 film:

  • Designated Hero: TJ; he's a flakey jerk who stalks his ex-girlfriend Sarah and who doesn't care that she's moved on to Axel.
  • Fetish Fuel: The opening, though it quickly turns into Fan Disservice.
  • Squick: All the cut out hearts.
    • Not to mention the original ending, where the killer chops off his arm in order to escape.
    • One of the hearts being eaten by wild dogs.
  • Tear Jerker: Mabel's Valentine to Newby.
  • Vindicated by History: While largely ignored when it first came out as just another slasher film, the film is generally considered these days to be one of the best slasher films of the early eighties post-Halloween (1978) era.

The band:

  • Awesome Music: Everything they recorded starting in 1988. Loveless is usually cited as their best album, and "Soon" probably stands out as the best song on an album full of masterpieces. No less a source than Brian Eno declared that it "set a new standard for pop."
  • Dead Horse Genre:
    • Snarky as it may sound to say that "they were so good they killed their own genre", Loveless did undoubtedly cause reviewers to shift to fomenting a Hype Backlash against the previously-championed Scene That Celebrates Itself (poor Slowdive even lampshaded the critical pasting they knew they were about to receive by naming an EP Holding Our Breath), and promote Grunge and Britpop instead. There is no denying that Loveless was (and is) a hard act to follow however, both for the band and the scene alike.
    • A very visible trend among music reviewers, both amateur and professional, is to instantly give any new shoegaze album a low grade simply for "trying to be My Bloody Valentine". Make of that what you will.
  • Epic Riff: Again, everything they recorded starting in 1988.
  • Most Wonderful Sound / Sweet Dreams Fuel: The guitars will make you feel you've entered heaven. Heck, the entirety of Loveless might as well be this.
  • Tough Act to Follow: The fans and music critics have acknowledged that, even if the band finishes their third record, it'll still be subject of judgement before Loveless's amazing music. And then, they released m b v, their third album, and while it's been debated if it trumps Loveless as their greatest work, it's been widely received and acclaimed as a fine piece of work, and as a great follow up to their previous album.