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YMMV: My Babysitter's a Vampire
  • Badass Decay: Erica. To be honest, after the pilot movie, Erica immediately starts ending up being useless most of the time: she bares her fangs to the Monster of the Week and the next thing we see is that she's been knocked out, transformed into a doll or hypnotized. Or trapped in a van. Said decay is probably a consequence of The Worf Effect, though. It's more of a subversion of The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, in that Erica makes it perfectly clear that she does feed on humans (and says as much in "Flushed" and "Village of the Darned"), but we just don't see her do this on screen.
  • Complete Monster: At first glance, Vice Principal Stern is just a Sadist Teacher, but that's just a cover for the genocidal wizard he is. Stern arrives in the town of Whitechapple to kill all vampires, even knowing that not all are evil, some of which are his students. He starts his plan by summoning the Breath of Death, a mist that drives vampires to kill each other, but that plan falls flat. Later he realizes that his non-vampire student Ethan Morgan is a seer and potential threat to his plans, so he attempts to kill Ethan, before later tormenting him with a hallucinations of his worst fear (of everyone being dead). He later steals a energy draining weapon called the Lucifractor and goes on a killing spree on the vampire council. He attempts to attach the Lucifractor to the Caller, a beacon of sorts for vampires, to kill vampires everywhere, and when Ethan tries to stop him, Stern casts a spell on Ethan's friend Benny to turn him evil.
  • Ear Worm: The theme song. Also the song that plays during the High School Dance and at the end of 'Guys and Dolls'.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Played straight with Erica and Jesse, toyed with in the cases of Sarah and 'Evil Benny', and averted outright with Rory (who thinks he's sexy and cool enough already).
  • Hollywood Homely: Erica before being bitten.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Jesse crossed it when he bites Ethan to force Sarah to give up her last chance of humanity. Although he claims to have done much worse.
  • Nightmare Fuel - The first episode gave us the zombie animals...especially the dog
    • The episode Guys and Dolls has that doll that's turned into a 30 year+ woman obsessing (ala pedophilia) over the main character's little sister. Not to mention her falling apart and getting damaged and draining the life force out of humans (and vampires) and turning them into dolls.
      • Later at the end of the episode when Debbie Dazzle has been turned back into a doll, while all the characters are dancing, she turns her head and winks.
    • Possessed Rory in "Die Pod" (the special effects worked a little too well), and possessed Sarah in "Three Geeks and a Demon".
    • Evil Sarah in "Independence Daze", on a psychological rather than visual level. The idea of sweet, lovable Sarah turning evil is terrifying.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Mainly because it tries too hard to be dark, leading to a lot of Narm. That, and the Windows Movie Maker quality special effects.
    • Shifting towards just plain good in season 2, with some genuinely witty dialogue, subtle characterization, much improved acting across the board, and an even more post-modern, satirical sense of humor. There's still Narm, but it works and adds to the fun. So of course it had to die.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: For a Disney Channel show, it can get pretty dark.

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