YMMV / Musou Kakyou: A Summer Day's Dream

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: The characters' depictions have generated some issues with the fans; Marisa is more of a Straight Man type, Sakuya is more kindly and gentle than her expected "Perfect and Elegant Maid" persona, and Reimu is a bit of a Jerkass at some points ("Patchouli, get up, we're in the middle of a conversation here!") Since the production is only beginning, however, these remain to be seen.
    • Must be noted that alternate interpretations abound in Fanon and the abovementioned (with the exception of Marisa) are actually a bit more common than most.
  • Broken Base: Fans have been divided over whether or not the anime is a perfectly acceptable piece of fanwork, or if it's a complete slap in the face to ZUN's desire to keep the games from being overshadowed.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: The entire fight sequence in the library, up to and including Reimu kicking through a brick wall.
  • Epileptic Trees: Many fans believe that the narrator is actually Yukari, which was spurred on thanks to Kikuko Inoue's exclamation at the end that "Yukarin is 17 years old!"
  • Internet Backdraft: ZUN's demand for a title change and his accompanying explanation earned lots of flak (at least on Sankaku Complex); things like "He's just butthurt over the fact that the fanworks have become way more relevant than the original games".
  • WTH, Casting Agency?: The casting choices can be... somewhat strange. Like casting a lady who's strongest point is her sense of elegance as the rough, tomboyish Marisa or a girl best known for cute, cheerful characters as the grouchy, unrefined Reimu, althorough technically, she already voiced a grouchy nun before.
    • Aoi Yuki as Youmu could count: Taking into account she previously voiced Madoka Kaname, one could take as granted Youmu would sound like Madoka. She sounds more like a tomboy instead, compared with her master Yuyuko.