YMMV / Muppet Babies

  • Awesome Art: The backgrounds of many of the fantasies are very well drawn and stylized quite realistically, like an etching.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Occurs regularly with the stock footage.
    Rowlf: Tell her she's cool! Tell her she's -
    Bob Hope: -nutty as a fruitcake.
  • Ear Worm: "Muppet Babies! We make our dreams come true. Muppet Babies! we'll do the same for you..."
    • There are viewers who STILL remember the words to songs like "Snow White Blues" and "On A Merry-Go-Round", 20-30 years after seeing it.
    • "Good things happen in the dark..."
    • "Big hand, little hand, racing around!/Gee, don't you wish you could slow them down!/Too much fun! You're. Run-ning. Out. Of. Time!"
    • "We Love Cartoons"
  • Fridge Brilliance: Kermit wears a sailor suit. At first it just looks like cuteness for cuteness's sake, but think about it. Due to their amphibious nature, Frogs often live close to water. Who else lives close to water? That's right, sailors.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: There have been hints made that Gonzo is an alien.
    • Bunsen Honeydew also has a 3-D television set he made for the babies to test out in one episode. They would be on the market about twenty-six years later.
    • The above-mentioned A New Hope Shout-Out would become hilarious once Disney bought both the Muppet franchise in 2004 and Star Wars in 2012. And to complete the hat trick, the show was produced by Marvel Productions!
    • In the episode "By the Book", the babies spoof The Wizard of Oz, which they would later do again as adults. Furthermore, in both instances, Kermit plays the Scarecrow, Gonzo plays the Tin Man, and Fozzie plays the Lion.
  • Nightmare Fuel:
    • The dark Marvel Productions logo with an evil-looking Spider-Man accompanied by that HORRIBLE trumpet solo!
      • Blame the short-lived live-action/animated companion, Little Muppet Monsters, for that one. It only lasted 3 episodes for a variety of reasons (animation not on time, clash between animation and live-action, not-so-good execution of concept (3 kid Muppets broadcasting their own TV channel, only receivable in the Muppets' own home), etc.). Yet, they kept the theme for the ending of Muppet Babies until they ended in 1991.
      • The fact that it's followed by the customary "Goooo bye-bye!" Couch Gag can be seen as either Mood Whiplash at best, or adding insult to injury at worst.
    • What's also incredibly bizarre is when you consider this series used footage from a film that later became a franchise. During the third season, there was one episode where Fozzie tells everyone of an "Attack of the Silly Tomatoes" and that sequence used footage from the 1978 film Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!. Due to its ratings success, John De Bello was called to make a sequel (10 years after the original film was made), which led to us having three more movies in the series plus the 1990-1991 Fox Kids cartoon (ironically produced by Marvel Productions).
    • The episode where they try to cure Beaker's fear of the dark. Everything about that episode.
    • The episode where they're all making cake, and it randomly cuts to the incredibly creepy Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters (1984) destroying a city.
    • There was this episode where, due to a little accident, one of Fozzie's teeth gets loose. The whole episode, the gang's trying to calm him down, because he'll have to see the dentist. Among the many things they have in fantasies, one of them was a tall man in a dark suit, who suddenly reveals that one of his hands is actually a drill. The freak turns it on and starts getting close to Fozzie's mouth, slowly. The whole thing ends with Kermit screaming, "Fozzie!".
  • The Scrappy: Bean Bunny.