YMMV / Mummy: The Curse

  • Audience-Alienating Premise:
    • Downplayed; some fans have been somewhat put off by the unusual system of this game and the fact it has your character get weaker over the course of a chronicle rather than the usual, but overall this hasn't been as bad as for Promethean or Beast, and some players actually did find it appealing for its originality, or found a way around the problem by having their characters going through multiple Descents over the course of a Chronicle.
    • Discussed at the beginning of the book, with the writers acknowledging a book about roleplaying as Mummies (creatures typically known for spending most of their time dormant and only awakening occasionally to get revenge on intruders) doesn't really seem very exciting in concept. Which they state they took as a challenge.
  • Bizarro Episode: Compared to most New World of Darkness gamelines, Mummy stands out as being... a bit unusual. While the other games usually allow you to get stronger as you progress and are about growing in power over time, this one has you get weaker over the course of the game and focuses on accomplishing everything you have to do while you still have time left. Whether this makes the game less or more appealing is, obviously, a matter of opinion.
  • Growing the Beard: Compared to its Old World counterpart. While Resurrection was received with mixed reception at best, most fans agree Curse is a more solid game and has a better idea of what it wants to be.
  • Jerkass Woobie: The Shuankhsen might be Axe-Crazy cannibalistic monsters who treat humans even worse than the Arisen, sustain themselves by devouring mummies and hate them to the point they would still hunt down Arisen even if they did have another way to survive, but their backstory is downright tragic. To clarify, back in Irem, they used to be slaves who were sacrificed to Ammut and inflicted horrifying death as an Equivalent Exchange to develop the Rite of Return. Not only that, but then Ammut abused the fact their souls were now his to devour, and immediately raised them so he could keep devouring them again and again. The reason they hate the Arisen is because they resent them going willingly through the Rite of Return rather than joining them in a rebellion.