YMMV / Motown

  • Archive Panic: The secondary importance of albums has made it almost impossible to acquire nearly any artists' original Motown albums produced in the sixties.
    • Several years ago Universal Music's "Hip-O Select" imprint began a series of box sets (each containing 4 or 5 CDs) devoted to collecting the complete Motown singles alone; there have been more than a dozen such boxes issued, and the series still isn't finished. There's a blog dedicated to reviewing each one of those; as of May 2016, about 690 songs have been reviewed and they're only in January 1966!
  • Awesome Music: Practically their trademark.
  • Dead Horse Genre: The trope page suggests that Motown is the exception to this trope in the manufactured bands category, but there are probably more than a few listeners or critics who dislike the formulaic, factory-like Motown production process.