YMMV / Morozko

  • Big Lipped Alligator Moment: At one point the movie basically stops, and we have a scene with baby bears moving giant mushrooms around. It doesn't advance the plot in any way, it doesn't make any sense, but damned if it's not adorable.
    • Ivanuska spanking Baba Yaga qualifies.
      Crow: So the premise of this movie is that everybody is nuttier than all get-out?
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome "Bring on my fiancee. And my dowry! A really big dowry and MAKE IT QUICK!"
  • Designated Hero: Ivan. The 'too full of himself' element is really played up. and almost comes across as a Gary Stu until he learns his lesson... And then he brags about how humble and noble he is now! Nastenka even lampshades this with a rare moment of Deadpan Snarker-dom.
  • Hollywood Homely: The actress playing Marfushka isn't actually ugly, but she spends the vast majority of the film pouting, whining, making faces and being a Spoiled Brat, which all add up to a pretty unattractive effect.
  • Moe: Nastenka.
  • Narm/Narm Charm: Most of the film, but in the English dubs, some man does "Hunchback Fairy"'s voice, ending up sounding like Eric Idle's drag voice in Monty Python's Flying Circus. The original actor and voice for Baba Yaga were a man, though, Georgiy Millyar, so a man dubbing "her" voice.
    • When Baba Yaga is put into the oven, she calmly yells "Ooooh I'm cooking! I'm roasting!"
  • So Bad, It's Good: Quite a few MST3K fans agree that this is one of the few movies the show featured that's entertaining with and without the SOL crew's riffing.
  • Special Effect Failure: Ivan's bear makeup.
    • Any reason for the cartoon sound effects, such as the clanging pot whenever Baba Yaga hits herself in the head?
  • Widget Series: Weird Russian Film. Or Weird American Audience, for Russians and Czechs.
    • Of course, even if you know the original legend, it's still pretty damn weird (see Big Lipped Alligator Moment above).
    • The remake really takes the cake. The Wicked Stepmother is played by Verka Serduchka. Need I say more?