YMMV / Moonlight

  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Josef
  • Ho Yay: Mick and Josef. Let's start from the beginning.
    • Episode 1 shows Josef adjusting Mick's clothes while practically pressing up against the latter. And Mick seems entirely okay with it. And Josef starts his conversation with “Hey, you look good! Been working out?” And after that, Mick acts like it’s a regular occurrence to have Josef show up at his apartment unannounced, then comments that he’s the only person who doesn’t like Josef for his money.
    • In episodes 2 and 3, Josef teases Mick about having feelings for Beth and Coraline, but ends up sounding like a jealous girlfriend.
      • Actually, Mick and Josef do the same jealous thing back and forth in episode 6 too...
      • When DOESN'T that happen?
    • Episode 6, when Mick says “Lola said she thought you and I were alike”, and Josef seems to cheer up a bit.
    • In episode 7, Josef does the vampire variation of the ‘sultry sex kitten meow’ to Mick right before they go snooping through a thief’s house.
    • Let’s not forget episode 10, right after the explosion that Mick thinks killed Josef. Mick snaps at his beloved Beth and is an all-around dick to her because she brought her camera guy along, then actually cries later right before going into his apartment and finding Josef inside acting like nothing happened. Then there’s the time when Josef refers to Mick as ‘Daddy’, the time when he says that Mick knows that he gets lonely, the part where Mick wakes up knowing that Josef is missing, and the way he goes completely kick-ass on the guy trying to kill Josef, all while snapping at him for having a deathwish.
    • Josef commenting that Mick seems to have a crush on Lance in episode 12.
    • Episode 13.
    Josef: “Cool! It’s like role-playing without the leather.” *meaningful glance at Mick*
    And, of course, Moonlight’s Crowning Moment of Gay.... The scene where Mick asks Josef to turn him back into a vampire.
    Mick: Don’t do that!
    Josef: What? Use my crafty vampire abilities to sneak up on you?
    Mick: Why are you here?
    Josef: Guillermo called me. Said you were about to do something extremely stupid. And I said ‘Wait. That can’t be the Mick that I know.’
    Mick: You should come; you love a challenge!
    Josef: No, see, I’m a lover. Not a fighter. And besides, I’d just get dead trying to protect you, the human liability.
    It is at this point that Josef goes violent vamp on Mick, kicks him across the room, and pins him to a wall in a very suggestive way. Their faces are MAYBE an inch apart at the most, and for Josef to be that close to Mick, their hands couldn’t’ve been the only things that were touching.
    After that, Mick gets an idea, and it’s definitely not the “Ditch Beth and run away with me” one that Josef SO obviously was suggesting. He tells Josef to turn him back and… well, words simply cannot describe how slashy it was. You’ll have to see for yourself.
    • Additionally, throughout almost every episode, Mick and Josef are ALWAYS in each other’s personal space, being excessively touchy-feely, undressing each other with their eyes, giving each other sultry looks, licking their lips, and arguing Like an Old Married Couple.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble: Inverted. Mick and Beth sometimes actually come off having a father-daughter relationship, which is not what was intended.
  • The Scrappy: Josh, Beth's boyfriend. The reason for this is primarily due to him being the Romantic False Lead which stands in the way of the Official Couple Mick and Beth. He's also judgemental and jealous of their relationship, (rightly) suspecting Beth has feelings for her as well the reverse.
    • Becomes an Alas, Poor Scrappy when he dies in a particularly painful and horrific way while trying to stand up to a mobster.