YMMV: Monsterkind

  • Ho Yay: Between Biv and Kip, mostly from Biv.
    Kate: You on a date?
    Kip: NO.
    Biv: Not today. *leans all over Kip*
    • Between Kip and Wallace too, or at least Molly and Biv seem to think so.
    • The comic itself is laden with this pretty much, mostly coming from how some of them interact.
  • Jerkass Woobie: The monsters who treat Wallace rudely as he tries to do his job as a social worker. As Louise explains, they don't hate him personally, just what he—as a human from the richest district—represents (i.e., discrimination), so of course they don't want him around telling them how to live their lives.
    • Charlie in particular is an enormous Jerkass and it's difficult to sympathize with him, even after Louise explains how hard things have been for them. This is probably because his first instinct upon meeting Wallace is to attack him.
    • Attitudes toward Charlie seems to be changing with the reveal that he was involved in experiments against his will and lost an eye to them.
  • Moe: The cartoony, cutesy character design has everybody fall into this, monster or human. Especially, Wallace and Kip.