YMMV / Monster Force

  • Recycled Premise: Just like in the '32 movie, Hotep sees in Shelley a woman he knew in Ancient Egypt and tries to reincarnate her in Shelley's body. Although he does succeed in reviving her and gets a surprise when he does.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: In episode 2, the cane that can allow the owner to control all werewolves. Niles and Luke fight over it, Niles ends up having it at the end and then it is never brought again. If it never worked, it may have been humiliating for Niles since he waited decades to try to find it.
    • The episode shows in flashbacks that this is the supposed ability of the cane, but it is never confirmed.
    • If Niles hid or used it after the episode is not confirmed either. When he is captured and later detained, he is not asked about it nor uses it as a bargaining tool.
  • The Worf Effect: Episode 13. Dracula invades the heroes' base and unleashes all the captured monsters. Every major monster at this point of the series, sans Dracula has been captured. The Creature from the Black Lagoon is shown captured offscreen before the episode. It's still just as dangerous, but now Monster Force has weapons that can stun the CBL and properly contain it. When Dracula invades the bases and causes a power out, every monster is released and is defeated in about five minutes each. CBL causes mayhem and even drags Shelly under water, but it is ultimately stunned and recaptured.