YMMV / Monster Allergy

  • Badass Decay - Magnacat and Emily.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Hector Sinestro.
  • Moral Event Horizon - The season 2 finale and a mid-series comic book issue have Moog killing Emily.
  • Painful Rhyme - The two girls who welcome Elena have a kinda creepy proverb about not letting cats out of a house, that is, "Se esce dalla porta, il gatto è pelle morta". When Woolsey-ised to English, the result is "As soon as it gets out of the door, the cat's bound to be found dead on the floor."note 
    • Another version does slightly better with "Let a cat out of your sight, there's no chance it'll live through the night!"
  • The Scrappy - Bobby Clash.
  • Toy Ship - Hinted at regarding Zick and Elena.
  • Villain Decay - Magnacat and Hector Sinestro.