YMMV / Momo

  • New Technology Is Evil: There are certain undertones of it, e.g. the toys that are made for modern kids and the marketing schemes to go with them. And all the "timesaving" technology, though in the end it is not the technology but the philosophy of what is more or less important in life that is truly evil.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The book's message about how we need to make time for each other and all the things we love in our lives is really obvious and you couldn't imagine the book being nearly as good without it.
  • Take That: In the book only, Gigi tells some American ladies the story of the (fictional, of course) tyrant Marxentius Communus who wanted to reconstruct the world to make it better. So he forced the world population to build a globe which would depict Earth 1:1. Of course, this meant that people eventually had to move to the globe, and at the end, after a lot of hard work, nothing had changed at all. After which Marxentius Communus averted his face and left, never to be seen again.