YMMV / Mole Mania

  • Crazy Awesome: The whole game. By the time you realize you play as a mole that's delivering suplexes, along with the fact you're beating people to death with cabbages, the game stops being just plain crazy and starts being full blown amazing.
  • That One Boss: The Sammy Bros. in Level 6. You're dragging a heavy black ball across a tiled floor to a propeller tile, and as you're doing so, Little Sammy is spinning himself all over the grid. If he touches you four times, you lose. You can't push or pull the ball diagonally, your movement is sluggish, and you can't let go of the ball until you reach the center of the next tile.
  • Heartwarming: After every boss fight you are treated to a little cutscene of Muddy reuniting with each child he saves. He's so happy to see his babies he throws his glasses off each time and cries pure manly tears as they play around for a bit.