YMMV / Moebius

Moebius: Empire Rising

  • Ho Yay: If Malachi rescues David from hanging, then he takes David to his hotel room. Then Malachi undoes David's shirt, reaches down, and grabs his dogtags. Then he reaches into David's pocket.
    • When David wakes up:
    David: Where are we?
    Malachi: My hotel room.
    David: Did you at least buy me dinner first?
    • When David has a date with Gretchen, this is explicitly lampshaded, with Gretchen straight-up asking David if he is straight or not. He gives an evasive answer.
    • Then there's all the scenes in which David gets Malachi out of his panic attacks by putting his hands all over him.
    • David is consistently the only one who can get any emotional response out of Malachi. And when David is kidnapped, Malachi goes nuts.
  • That One Level: The whole Qatar level, which has action sequences that require precise timing, and a confusing maze.

Moebius (The Franco-Belgian comic artist)