YMMV / Modest Medusa

  • Base Breaker: Ms. Booth. Set up to be a minor foil of Modest, many fans utterly revolted over her actions (seemingly picking on Modest, stealing her food, not allowing her to play with others, giving her detention over minor things, etc) and declaring in the comments that she was a horrible teacher that should be fired, killed off, etc. The author tried to plead for calm but every update only increased fan hatred. It got so bad the author ended up doing about two weeks worth of strips in one massive update just to end the storyline and now Ms. Booth almost never appears in the comic.
  • Fan Nickname: One of Medusa's hair snakes has been dubbed Sneaky Snake because it tends to eat things Medusa's holding before she has time to react.
  • Moe: Take one look at the Medusa, and say she's not just adorable.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The "Ghost". Something about those fingerlike tentacles...
    • The beginning of Season 3 is a shocker.
    • Marah and Jake's Foreshadowing nightmares are pretty creepy too.
  • Schedule Slip: Quite often, for various reasons going from sickness to being busy at conventions or simply working on particularly hard/big post.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: The comic gets a lot more violent and brutal than its art style or humor to-date indicates, starting with the gore-fest of the Chainsaw Unicorn and continuing on when the Medusa is kidnapped by the mermaids. Not to mention the earlier Toilet Humor (toilet Chocodile, anyone?) and Jake's "X-Box". Author!Jake maintains that it is literally appropriate for all ages, not just a younger audience.
    • It gets darker still in Season 3, when Medusa's mother is finally introduced by wholeheartedly devouring Medusa's sisters as they scream in terror.
      • Again gets even darker later on when one of the main characters dies. And it seems to be for good. It's sometimes played for laughs with Jake suffering the fallout of it, but most of the time it's Medusa trying to deal with the fact that her best friend is gone.
  • Write Who You Know: Oh good grief. The author, Jake, is a main character, along with his niece, Marah, at least until she's killed off. Her mother, Jake's sister, has a supporting role, along with several of his housemates, one of which loses an arm in the Cerebus Syndrome incident.