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YMMV: Mobile Suit Victory Gundam
  • Americans Hate Tingle: Despite being widely despised by most Western viewers for what she is, Katejina seems to have a significant fanbase in Japan. She got into 17th place for female characters in Newtype Magazine's female characters poll. Also, Super Robot Wars titles that featured "Victory" tend to make her look a little bit more sympathetic (regaining her moral codes near the end of her life, before she's killed off, or being outright Brainwashed and Crazy), or just make her do Heel-Face Turn as in Super Robot Wars Destiny (not Becoming the Mask completely in time). She's also usually the top candidate of representative of Victory other than Usso in other Gundam spinoffs like the Gundam Vs Series or Dynasty Warriors: Gundam.
  • Alas, Poor Villain: For many of Zanscare's troops.
    • Chronicle and Katejina arguably get this too. The former dies, the latter does not but still gets a miserable end.
  • Broken Base: This is one of the more divisive and polarizing series' in not just the UCverse, but in the entire Gundam franchise. Some people like it just fine, but others really hate it, deeming it one of the worst Gundam shows ever.
  • Complete Monster: Big Bad Fonse Kagatie. The Prime Minister of the Zanscare Empire, he cynically exploited the messianic Newtype Maria Armonia's harmless pacifist cult to create a brutal military dictatorship, with Maria as his powerless figurehead. Whilst, as the de facto ruler of Zanscare, he was responsible for green-lighting all of its atrocities (which included the mass execution of dissidents by guillotine, burning entire towns to flush out the League Militaire, and genocide by giant motorbike), his worst act by far was creating and deploying the Angel Halo. The Final Solution to Zanscare's war with the Earth Federation, the Halo was a psychic Doomsday Device designed to wipe out all intelligent life on Earth via Mind Rape, allowing Kagatie's empire to move in and take the planet unopposed. For extra evil points, its power source was Maria (later replaced by her eleven-year-old daughter) and thousands of her followers, who he tricked into believing that they were broadcasting messages of peace and goodwill rather than orchestrating a total planetary genocide. This also meant that they served as Human Shields for the Halo, ensuring that every bit of damage it took was measured in innocent lives.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The two openings, "Stand up to the Victory" and "Don't Stop! Carry On!", are some of the best of the franchise, despite how much they basically lie about the mood of the show.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Victory Gundam is one Tomino's most violent series next to Space Runaway Ideon; however, unlike Ideon which became famous thanks to its over the top and violent finale, Victory tends to be criticized for its focus on torture, incredibly mean-spirited characters and even misogyny (See Unfortunate Implications).
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: Fuala wearing cat bells as earrings alongside a pink pilot suit.
    • Not just as earrings, but pretty much everywhere on her.
    • These wigs. These old fashioned, really stupid looking wigs. Wigs have been a fashion statement for centuries, and are still used today in British courtrooms, but they generally look considerably more stylish than the ridiculous, spidery affairs the Zanscare elite are afflicted with.
      • Note that the bells are explained as being linked with crazy!Fuala's obsession with the guillotine (they were the same kind of bells worn by the ones to be executed).
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: an old man in Episode 12 mistakes Uso for someone called 'Nicol' - who's one of the youngest characters in Gundam SEED and the first to fall prey to Anyone Can Die.
  • Iron Woobie: The most incredible thing about Uso as a character is that he didn't snap despite the numerous, brutal deaths that happen around him and their consequences.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Chronicle Asher and Katejina Loos have some rare moments of sympathy, as opposed to Tassilo and Kagatie, who do not.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Tassilo Vargo is either this or a very highly-functional Smug Snake.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Arbeo's actions that end up costing Usso's mother her life. And Tassilo killing Queen Maria. And Kagatie's entire plan with Angel Halo.
  • Narm: This.
    • Katejina deciding to sicc some bikini-clad soldiers with Anti-MS weaponry on Uso while he is in his Gundam, although given that the chains of command had basically broken by that point and Katejina was so far off the deep end the fact it was a terrible plan that made no sense was entirely the point. It also depicts how horribly brainwashed the few remaining forces of the Zanscare are for even being willing to participate in such an attack.
      • Katejina's plan actually made some sense if you look at it from a sufficiently twisted perspective. As far as mid-series Uso had severe problems using deadly force against the opponents whose faces he could see, and was easily flustered by anything remotely erotic. The sight of the bikini squad MIGHT have left Uso, as he was around episode 20, incapable of fighting back. The terribleness of the plan was in the assuming that Uso was not hardened by his war experiences since then.
    • There's a few others as well: Chronicle's death being ruined by a THUD right before the Eye Catch is a good exemple.
    • Arbeo's isn't better: look at this face ! It's easily one of the few deaths of the franchise that can double as a funny.
    • The Zanscare military meetings become freaking ridiculous when you see either grunts or commanders wearing old-fashioned wigs. We know, it's The Empire, but What the Hell.
      • Note that even today those types of wigs are used in Britain by judges, so it's not completely outlandish. Still weird for non-Brits, though.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Deaths in this series are not only very sad and very common, but often are utterly anticlimactic. Mueller Migel, Uso's mother, got the worst: Being decapitated by a mech's tire in the middle of a Hostage Situation? In front of your kid and his friends, right before a ceasefire, and the only the only thing that remains is your helmet with your severed, bleeding head inside, which is then recovered by your 13 year old son? What the FUUUUUCK?!
  • Purity Sue: Deconstructed horribly. Queen Maria is kind, gentle, naive, a powerful healer and Newtype... and a total puppet of The Empire behind her, which causes her lots of pain and drives a good part of the plot.
  • The Scrappy: Katejina, for what she later become. For some, so does Shakti.
    • Love to Hate: ...on the other hand, Katejina is also one of the most memorable Gundam villains because of her evilness, and has quite a few fans in Japan and on 4chan's /m/ board.
    • Chronicle has gotten his fair share of hate for being one of the more incompetent yet smug Char clones in the franchise.
  • Tear Jerker: Lots, but the most poignant one is probably the one where all the old guys take over the crippled Reinforce Jr. and use it to ram the enemy flagship.
    • Kate Bush's death; nuff said...
  • True Art Is Angsty
  • Unfortunate Implications: Anything regarding The "Bikini Babe Assault". Half naked girls trying to kill Uso using their nudity to distract him, but they are all easily killed by his Gundam... Uh, yeah, nothing to see here!
    • Victory in general suffers from serious problems with it's female cast.

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