YMMV / Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray

  • Awesome Music: The theme songs written for Astray for the SD Gundam G Generation series, including Lowe's theme Junk Guild: Red Frame and Gai's theme Serpent Tail: Mission Commence.
    • Also T.M. Revolution's Zips during the action sequence in the Red Frame animated short!
  • Crazy Awesome: Lowe Gear. This is the guy who fashioned a katana for his Gundam, and later forged a 150 meter version of it, just because he thought that would be awesome (the sword is mounted on the side of their ship, and requires special equipment to wield). He also once attached a BuCUE head to the Red Frame's hand for use as an impromptu double beam saber (this being the only reason he bought the BuCUE head at a junk auction).
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Astray's storyline still continues despite how the SEED movie has been trapped in Development Hell and may never release. It's also very telling that one of the few Perfect Grade models ever made is the Astray Red Frame. That in of itself should tell you how popular the series is.
    • In all fairness though, the delay is primarily due to lead writer Chiaki Morosawa undergoing a hysterectomy to treat her uterine fibroids during the production of Seed and Seed Destiny. Being threatened with Author Existence Failure is a pretty good justification for major delays.
    • Also Shiho Hanenfuss, the mute Ensemble Darkhorse of SEED anime, has much more role in Astray. Though still a relatively minor character, she actually speaks in the manga (she would have spoken in the anime, mind you, but her voice actress bailed).
  • Fashion-Victim Villain: V.V., the Dandy antagonist in Destiny Astray R; he prepares a fake treasure to try and trap Lowe, but his sense of honor wouldn't let him just place an empty box so he put in a set of his clothing, which he considered a great treasure. When Lowe opens the box, he finds it contains a purple jacket, matching pants, and a pair of pointy-toed boots; he and 8 instantly agree that whomever this "Pirate King" was, his fashion sense was pretty tragic.
  • Les Yay: Very briefly when the Professor and Erica Simmons greet each other, with the sparkle-and-flower imagery coming up during their embrace. The manga's SD comic strip lampshades the author's intent when the two go somewhere private for some "catching up to do", leaving Lowe and the rest of the gang to assume that they're gonna do it, and then subverts the trope as it turns out that the two are actually catching up on their study of Orb's mobile suit development.
  • It's Popular, Now It Sucks: Like the HGUC Unicorn kits, Some foreign Gunpla builders is starting to get tired to Bandai releasing the MG Astray variants (Astray Noir, Astray Turn Red).
  • Toy Ship: Prayer and Kazahana
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Symbolic?: The Testament Gundam is almost always equipped with the Divine Striker backpack. Thus, its proper name is "Divine Testament".