YMMV / Mindless Self Indulgence

  • Base Breaker: Whether the band was better before or after Vanessa YT was replaced by Lyn-Z
  • Covered Up: Their cover of "Bring The Pain." Back when Tight was out-of-print and obscenely rare, it was the only song off the album the whole fanbase knew by heart.
  • Crazy Awesome: To fans of their work with Vanessa YT, Steve's guitar solos classified him as such.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Vulgarity was the name of the game for their earlier shows. Jimmy was known for waving his privates about and once tried to set them on fire. There is footage of him bringing a crowd member on stage before making out with and then teabagging him. One specific case: Jimmy drank his own urine before passing it to Steve, who took one sip and spat a second into the crowd. Jimmy then began making out with audience members.
  • Growing the Beard: In terms of commercial success, definitely. In terms of critical success, that's a topic of debate right there.
  • Yoko Oh No: Lyn-Z's marriage to Gerard Way.
    • It should be noted that this applies to the rabid sections of both Mindless Self Indulgence and Gerard's band My Chemical Romance. That said, both bands actually get along pretty well.