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YMMV: Midnight Sun

YMMV tropes regarding the book draft Midnight Sun.

  • Designated Hero: Edward Cullen, of course. Would be subverted in that there is little attempt made to conceal his arrogance, his disdain for humans, and his disturbingly obsessive behavior with Bella, if it were portrayed at any point as being a bad thing. Even so, it's implied that most vampires are much worse.
  • Fridge Logic: All of the Cullens apparently get straight As in all their classes. No surprise that they can, given how often they've repeated their educations, but exactly how is blowing the curve in every subject supposed to help them blend in with everybody else? Also, shouldn't the science classes, at least, occasionally have something new to offer?
  • Nightmare Fuel: It's really not that romantic.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Edward snapping the necks of everybody in the science class would have been great. He averaged himself at five per second.

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