YMMV / Midnight Nation

  • Harsher in Hindsight: Some of Satan's rants are a little dated, a decade after the comic came out. In some ways, this datedness makes them worse - a lot of people would have a hard time saying the past 10 years have been all that much better for the world, given certain events and wars and economic crises and natural disasters and resource shortages visible on the horizon and... Meaning his litany of misery and decay has been outdone since he delivered it. One of his points on how horrible the world is, is that "Christopher Reeve is in a wheelchair" (as in, Superman has been crippled), but Reeve has since passed on. So now Superman is dead. In short, the actual state of the world has made the hopeful ending taste almost bitter, that Satan is right no matter how much false hope David gives people just because one person survived the "long walk."
    • The glimpses of the "real" New York City show the Twin Towers twisted in the hellish landscape, since the comic started in 2000. Heck, just the idea that New York is the locus of earthly suffering due to Satan's imposition of Hell on Earth there...